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Radix App now available on Ledger Nano S and X

January 14, 2022

We are proud to announce the Radix Ledger App is now available as a “developer mode” app in Ledger Live

As normal for new additions in Ledger Live, the Radix app has been initially released in “developer mode”. This does not affect the performance or security of the app, and it only takes one extra step to install a developer mode app on Ledger Live. All this means is that Ledger has not yet done their own deep technical audit of the app. We expect the Radix app to move out of developer mode at some point in the future, but this may take quite some time and there is no reason for you to wait. 

Key things to know: 

  • You must update to the latest Ledger firmware to even be able to see the Radix app on Ledger Live.
  • You must enable the Ledger Live app's "developer mode" to see the Radix app. This is typical for the first listing of new apps and it is safe.
  • When launching the Radix app on the device, it will say "Pending Ledger review". This is normal for developer mode apps - it just refers to the fact that Ledger likes to do a deeper audit of apps before they move out of "developer mode".
  • Your Radix address will not change if/when you go from the side-loaded app to the Ledger Live app.

If you encounter any difficulties while loading the Radix app, the best place to go is the Radix Discord server support channel, where the Radix team or community members will be happy to assist. You can also connect on the Radix Telegram Channel.

We have seen increased reports of activities from scammers. Radix team members or community moderators will never private message you. Only engage in public channels or via the official support email hello@radixdlt.com.

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