Run at the Scale of Nations. Now.

A fast, scalable, easy-to-use ledger, ready-made for 7 billion people.
During the last test we peaked at
transactions per second

What is Radix?

Radix is a new layer for the internet, where data, money, and assets are part of the very fabric of the technology. It is scalable, easy to use, and can be built and deployed via API – no smart contracts required.


Build the next breakthrough decentralized application, create your own asset backed tokens, fractionalize property, build a global IoT data layer or create a new lending platform. Whatever you want to do, with our Atom Model it’s easy to get started; we are completely API driven and there are no complex Smart Contracts to deal with.


Make faster payments with low predictable fees; our system is built to support millions of concurrent users, with no bottlenecks or high gas fees. We’re already reaching transaction speeds that rival Visa and Alipay and dwarf the speeds of other current blockchain platforms, and that is just our Alpha testnet


Our ledger is so much more than a secure decentralized database. Have complete control of your valuable data in an immutable system, where information is cryptographically hashed and easy to recover, only give access to those who need it, yet operate with global high availability from the start.

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Why Radix

Radix is a public decentralised ledger, like Ethereum or Bitcoin, but built without blockchain.

Radix solves the three key problems facing the current technology, we are:

  •  Highly Scalable
  •  Easy To Build On
  •  Have Predictable Fees

Radix can run on almost any device, is API driven and has its own token. It is scalable enough for the entire world to use it simultaneously.

Test it today

The Radix Alphanet is now live!

Download our wallets and grab some tokens to put Radix to the test, get started with our JavaScript, Java and Kotlin developer tools; or jump straight into the technical details in our knowledge base.

Earn Rads

We’re not live yet, but you can practice running a node when the public testnet is live.

Get Rads

The Rad (XRD) is the native currency of the Radix platform. It will not be available for sale until the network is live, there are, however, several ways to get your hands on them. Download the wallet.

The Economics whitepaper is being updated. Register interest to get notified first.