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The only decentralized network that lets you build fast, rewards everyone who makes it better, and scales without friction.

Why Radix

A place where DeFi can thrive

A Game Changer for Building DeFi

A purpose-built DeFi programming environment that will enable fast AND secure development.

Supercharging DeFi Ecosystem Growth

A system of on-ledger royalties that will reward those that contribute dApp code to the ecosystem.

Unlimited Scalability, Forever

A consensus algorithm that will provide unlimited scalability without breaking DeFi composability.

Radix is the only decentralized network where developers will be able to build quickly without the constant threat of exploits and hacks, where every improvement will get rewarded, and where scale will never be a bottleneck.

Use cases

Smart Money Apps

Radix is building an open, interconnected platform where the full range of powerful DeFi applications will be built securely and safely.

Stable Coins
Collateralized Lending
Perpetual Futures
Decentralized Exchanges
Wallets & Dashboards
Money Markets
Yield Farming
Options & Derivatives
DeFi Insurance
Portfolio Management

Radix Staking

Secure the network, earn tokens

Radix Staking Estimator
Your Radix (XRD) stake


Yearly Reward *

~ 0 - 0%

0.00 XRD
0.00 XRD
0.00 XRD
* Estimate based on: total tokens staked on mainnet; range of validator fees charged; assumed 100% validator uptime. Actual rewards may vary.

Staking provides a critical function for the Radix network. The greater the value staked, the more secure the network is.

To help ensure network security, 300m RADIX (XRD) are generated by the protocol every year and shared amongst those that stake.

Based on current market prices, 300M XRD is worth around $0

The first version of the Radix Mainnet, Olympia, is secured using delegated proof of stake - this makes staking super easy. Transfer your XRD to your Radix wallet, choose the validator nodes you want to stake to and start earning staking rewards today.

Radix team

A Team That Delivers

A track record of excellence and delivering complex products

Radix Roadmap

Excellence, Step by Step

The path to unlimited scalability, developer royalties, and a great builder experience.


A temporary test network supporting an intense period of public testing ahead of launch of the first version of the Radix mainnet: Olympia. Enable community participation in testing of wallets and nodes under real-world conditions.

Successfully Completed


Decentralized network foundations with simplified unsharded Cerberus consensus, low fees, 50tps, 5sec finality time, and dPOS. Hold, transact, and stake tokens for network security and rewards using basic Olympia Radix wallet.

Download Mainnet Wallet


A new DeFi development experience with the Scrypto language and Radix Engine v2, with "component" smart contracts running in a private environment for early builds and testing. Give developers a head start on experimentation with building DeFi concepts and reusable features for Radix.


An open, self-incentivizing DeFi ecosystem with Scrypto "component" smart contracts running on-network, decentralized Royalty System, and on-network Blueprint Catalogue. Open up fully featured, secure DeFi dApp ecosystem capability on Radix.


Unlimited scalability and composability to carry DeFi into the global mainstream future with sharded, linearly scalable Cerberus consensus.

Coming in 2024

XRD Tokenomics

A Token to Power the Radix Ecosystem

The native crypto currency of the Radix network is called RADIX (XRD) and is required for securing the network via staking, accessing DeFi, deploying smart contracts and paying for transactions.


XRD Price


Market Cap





Token Burn

100% of all transaction fees
are burned.

Lockup via PoS

53.8% of token supply is locked on average across POS networks.

Staking Rewards

300 million XRD per year will go to stakers for securing the network.

Easy Ramps

Our eXRD/XRD bridge will allow users to move quickly between Ethereum and Radix.

Lockup via DeFi

XRD is likely to be one of the key sources of user collateral for DeFi on Radix.

Fixed Token Supply

XRD has a maximum supply of 24Bn tokens that will not be reached for at least 40 years.


In addition to the native RADIX (XRD) token, the eRADIX (eXRD) is also available. The eXRD is a wrapped ERC20 of the XRD, issued on the Ethereum Network.

The eXRD can be swapped 1:1 for XRD via Instabridge.io or on Bitfinex.

You can buy XRD or eXRD on the following exchanges:

Buy XRD with card or bank transfer via Switchere


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