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Meet the Team - Emre & Katy

June 18, 2021

With less than two weeks to go until the Olympia Mainnet, each member of the Radix team is putting in the hours and their best efforts to ensure a successful launch. The goal is in sight, and we are proud to take the shot with the community. Not many get to be part of launching a permissionless distributed ledger, and we’re as excited as you all are! 

It’s always a joy to introduce the fantastic team members behind Radix. In the previous blog post, we introduced Alex & Michal. This week, we had the opportunity to catch up with Emre & Katy. 

Emre Gonen - Marketing Director - Radix DLT

Emre’s career has always focused on growth. After starting out in business management, he went into sales, trading, and then marketing. For the past two years, Emre was the Marketing Director for another Layer 1 cryptocurrency project, giving him a unique level of insight into the marketing needs of Radix.

As a long-time investor and follower of the crypto space, marketing for crypto projects was a natural move for Emre. Combining his business and marketing acumen with his deep knowledge of the unique audience of the crypto community, Emre excels at delivering growth in this highly competitive space. 

Emre joined Radix in May of 2021, just in time to lead the marketing efforts in the buildup to the anticipated Olympia Mainnet launch. 

We asked Emre a little more about his role below:

Since joining, I have been laser-focused on the rollout of the Olympia launch campaigns. It’s been a great introduction to the company and the role. I have had to get up to speed quickly and touch just about every aspect of marketing to get things rolling. 

In my day-to-day, I am most focused on designing new campaigns, implementing them, and then doing a fair amount of hands-on management to ensure that they get done and deliver the expected results. At any given moment, I am juggling updating paid media targeting, managing influencers, and driving content to support it all. 

It’s been a really exciting time to join Radix, and it’s fantastic to be working with a team of such competent and passionate people. Everyone at Radix is a believer in the project’s potential (including me), and it shows in their work. Despite being distributed across the world, it feels like everyone is putting in their all towards a common goal. 

The first time I fully understood Cerberus, I realized that Radix would ultimately shape the next decade in DeFi and beyond. It is such an incredible piece of technology, and it’s just one part of the amazing stack that Radix is building. I am thrilled to be in charge of spreading the word! 

Katy Simmons - Senior Customer Support - Radix DLT

Straight out of university with a degree in English and Creative Writing, Katy started out working as an editor for a UK-based magazine and freelance writing for an eSports team. Katy’s career took off when she followed her love for gaming and started in the online video industry, first working with the community through event management and then becoming an advertising account manager. 

Katy’s involvement in crypto began in 2017 when she joined a video platform in the crypto space to manage their customer support throughout their ICO and beyond. During this time, Katy learned about crypto and the multiple different applications it could have, as she saw first-hand how crypto could resolve some of the problems she had encountered in her previous roles.

We asked Katy a little more about her role below: 

In 2020 I joined Radix to manage the support channels such as the main hello@ email throughout the token sale. Since the success of the token sale, I have continued to be the primary person managing support questions. That means that my job is to ensure everyone coming into the support email looking for assistance gets the help they need. Everyday things I deal with include how to purchase eXRD tokens, questions about KYC, potential partnership opportunities, and general questions about Radix as a whole. 

Now, with the imminent launch of Olympia and Radix’s Instabridge and Instapass, the support role has expanded to a full-time position as we are scaling up our team to make sure that everyone engaging with these important products has a smooth experience. This involves writing and maintaining all of the support guides and putting processes in place to ensure that anyone who needs additional assistance gets that quickly and in the best format possible.

Working at Radix is a pleasure. The team is all very supportive, intelligent, and friendly, making for a great environment. Working remotely is something that I have done throughout my career, and the culture and people at Radix make this a fantastic experience because everyone is keen to engage and get to know each other. Getting to work alongside a passionate community is a lot of fun too, as they always keep me on my toes!

Even during the period that I have been in the crypto industry, I have seen crypto become far more mainstream. More and more projects with the ability to change the world are coming to light, and they are only picking up speed. People who thought that crypto was only something you heard about in films are now getting involved in the space and seeing the enormous amount of potential it has.

If you would like to join the fight for the future of finance at Radix, check out our open positions on our careers page: https://www.radixdlt.com/careers/.

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