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Stokenet is Live!

July 7, 2021

After over two months of thorough testing, the Olympia Betanet was officially shut on July 6th, and we brought our long-term public test network, Stokenet, online. Connection details for node runners will be sent out next week, but here’s a quick FAQ about how Stokenet and our networks will behave.

What is Stokenet?
Stokenet will be the main public test network for Radix going forward, free for all to use, where testers and developers can acquire free (test) XRD from a faucet.

Why that name?
The name references Stoke-on-Trent in England, the birthplace of Radix!

Who will run validator and archive nodes on Stokenet?
Similar to betanet, Radix will provide a geographically distributed set of validators and archive nodes.  Community node runners wishing to practice running a validator node on Stokenet are welcome to join the official Radix Discord and ask for stake.  Please note that stake on Stokenet is not guaranteed, and we may meddle with it while testing out various network conditions.

How often will Stokenet ledger history be reset?
Up until the Radix Olympia mainnet release, we may clear the Stokenet ledger history periodically, on no set schedule.  After the Olympia release, we do not intend to ever reset the Stokenet ledger history.

Will I be able to target my same mainnet Desktop Wallet against Stokenet?
Not at first.  While this feature is something that we’re interested in implementing, at launch you can expect that a single wallet executable will target a single network, and those interested in using a wallet to interact with Stokenet will need to get a separate binary from our Github releases page.

Are Stokenet addresses different from mainnet addresses?
Yes.  Every Radix network has a different human-readable prefix for all addresses and IDs, and each network will reject non-matching addresses.  In other words, there is no chance of accidentally sending your mainnet tokens to any testnet address or sending testnet tokens to a mainnet address.

Will there be other public test networks?
Yes, though they may be shorter-lived and behave under different rules.  For now, Stokenet is the only test network intended for public use.

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