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Token Unlock Meme Competition!

September 15, 2021

With the final Radix token unlock imminently occurring, there has been a lot of activity in the community, with a significant increase in top-tier memes and other Radix content shared online! 

The community is mobilizing. We love to see it.

To support the community’s creative inclinations, we are launching the #XRDFreed Meme Competition with 10,000 XRD on offer for the three most elite meme creators. We are looking for rare and bespoke memes that highlight the final token unlock or features unique to Radix.  
Can’t use photoshop? All good, neither can we!

You can use a tool like Image Flip to create something majestic. Some of the best memes are made in MS Paint! 

Unsure what to create? You can see the results and winners of our previous meme competition in the Discord Meme channel.

You have seven days to perfect your creations. Winners are chosen by the illustrious Radix Community Moderators and will be announced on the 23rd September. Judges are looking for originality and freshness. 

How to Enter:

  • Create a meme. This can be done via a photo editing app or a simple meme generator like Image Flip. 
  • It must be Radix-related, not vulgar, offensive, and not touch any sensitive subjects. It can be a video, image, text, or gif.  
  • Post it to Twitter using $XRD @RadixDLT and #XRDFreed
  • All entries are subject to the Radix competition terms and conditions.

Details of the Competition 

  • Prizes 1st - 5000 XRD 2nd- 3500 XRD 3rd - 1500 XRD
  • The competition starts on 15th September 2021 at 12:00 UTC and ends on 22nd September at 12:00 UTC. Winner will be announced on the 23rd September at 12:00 UTC. 
  • Radix Moderators judge entries on creativity, hilarity, and community response. 
  • All entries are subject to the Radix competition terms and conditions. Winners will be required to disclose their name, DOB, country of residence and provide a Radix wallet address.

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