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Results: Unlock Survey 2

September 6, 2021

Over the last few weeks, we have listened intently to the Radix community about a proposed change to the (e)XRD unlocking mechanism.

The second community survey has now been completed.

The first community survey used verified Instapass accounts to limit each person to one entry. In that survey, 66.8% of those who participated wanted all tokens to be unlocked immediately. 

In the second survey, we weighted the survey responses by the number of XRD either held or staked in wallets linked to an Instapass account. 72.34% of those who participated in the second survey were in favor of unlocking all tokens immediately. Users holding 740.6m of XRD participated in the second survey, representing approximately 61.7% of the ~1.2Bn XRD eligible to participate in the community survey. 

Given the positive result of both surveys, the very high level of staking, tremendous excitement following the Olympia launch and upcoming Alexandria release, the Radix core team agrees that now is the right time to proceed with unlocking all (e)XRD. As such, we are moving forward with the technical, legal, and logistical matters required; stay tuned for further updates. 

Post Community Survey Marketing Plan

After the enthusiastic and passionate discussions around the community survey on this issue, we are in the process of organizing a range of marketing campaigns to increase understanding about Radix.

With the help of you, our community of Radvocates, we believe this event can significantly amplify the growth we have already been seeing in awareness and distribution of XRD since the Olympia mainnet launch.

We welcome, and encourage, everyone in the Radix community and all Radix token holders to join the discussion about how to contribute to and maximize the success of Radix, given the increased awareness and engagement we have recently seen in the community. 

The best places to get involved are the official Radix Telegram channel and Radix Discord server.

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