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Radix Olympia - Drop 2 Demo

February 9, 2021

As you know from past blog posts, implementation of the Radix Mainnet (Olympia release) is broken down into four "drops", which are internal milestones.  At the end of 2020, Drop 2 was completed and the development team are excited to be able to show you what they've accomplished.

In the below video, Matthew Hine, Radix DLT’s Head of Product, is joined by developers Alex W, Josh, Theo and Sergiy who show some of the key features of an internal test network following Drop 2 completion.

In this demonstration, Theo quickly spins up a test network with ten nodes and shows off some of the visualisation tools which developers can use to test and monitor network node status and performance. With the network booted up and running well, other team members then showcase key features. Alex connects an early version of the Radix desktop wallet to quickly send some tokens.

Sergiy gives a sneak-peek into the command line tool we've built to easily manage a network validator, including key generation, adding funds, and registering to the network.

Hopefully, this video gives you some insight into our progress. Check in regularly on our progress toward Drop 3 of 4 on our Olympia mainnet release when we will be opening up our Betanet where you will be able to connect and experiment yourself with a network very similar to mainnet.

Until then remember you can stay right up to date with our progress on GitHub and you can check out our release page for the “Radix core” part of Drop 2 as well as an overview of our progress on the four RPN-1 drops.

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