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Legendary Musician RedFoo Teams Up with Radix to Host “FooHack”

May 5, 2022

RedFoo is the world-famous, Billboard #1 musician behind the LMFAO hit, “Party Rock Anthem” (watch it, we’ll wait).

Ok, so you may have known that, but what you probably didn’t know was that RedFoo is both a coder and a Radvocate. Some of his journey is explained below and it is why we’re excited to be working with him for FooHack.

Even more, we’re excited that 4 lucky members of the Radix Developer Community will be able to join us there.

RedFoo Starts Coding

Approximately five years ago, RedFoo discovered computer programming as another way to express his creative talent. Like music, it provides him with a language to manifest himself in the world. 

Since then, he has become quite a “student of the game,” demonstrating fairly convincingly that someone who didn’t grow up as a developer can become empowered by learning how to code. As he said, 

“If RedFoo can do it, so can you.”

Ever since, he has developed a voracious appetite to “surround [himself] with the future” because of his growing awareness of the “accelerating technology” and the “massive transition” that the world is going through.

RedFoo Goes Crypto-Native

A few years ago, RedFoo discovered blockchain/crypto/Web3. 

He immediately recognized the potential for this new paradigm to redefine power structures, particularly for those who decide that they’d like to take advantage of this massive opportunity to create useful stuff for others and wealth for themselves.

Since this epiphany, he has dedicated himself to becoming a “builder,” a “student of building” and a “supporter of other builders.”

RedFoo Has a Radix Revelation

RedFoo met the Radix team at SXSW in Austin in March, 2022. 

Since he has studied multiple computer programming languages like C, C# and Swift, he immediately appreciated that the asset-oriented approach of Scrypto will be an enormous force-multiplier for developers building decentralized applications.

“Money may not grow on trees, but it might grow on binary trees.”


Introducing FooHack Hosted by RedFoo

Radix’s vision is a radically better financial system, and we’re on a mission to provide builders with everything they need to help create that and this time, we’re doing it with an extra touch of flair. You could even say that it will be a “radically different” hackathon.

For 3 days (June 14-16, 2022), 4 fortunate members of the Radix developer community will get to participate in a hackathon at the Party Rock Ranch in California – this means you!

Alongside RedFoo and members of the RDX Works team, you’re going to build some epic cool stuff.

If you’re fortunate enough to be selected to be part of the FooCrew, here’s what you can expect…

What Happens at the Foohack hosted by RedFoo?

First off, RDX will pay for your travel to/from the hackathon and accommodation while you are there.* Meals will be provided.

You should be able to fly/get to the event on June 13th and depart on June 17th.

Once you’re there, you’ll spend 3 awesome days, guided by members of the RDX Works team and working alongside RedFoo to build a real live dApp.

The whole time, you’ll hang out with members of the RDX Works team, RedFoo, and get to experience the Party Rock Ranch, something most people never get to do. Boom!

Ready for the FooHack adventure?

What is the target hackathon dApp?

Since RedFoo was young he has always been a massive fan of Chess. He spent his teenage years and early twenties fully honing his technique to the point where he is a killer speed chess player in his own right.

To celebrate the beautiful game, as well as demonstrate the sophistication possible with the Radix engine and Scrypto, this hackathon will aim to implement an entire on-ledger chess application with a web-based user interface, as well as one or more other applications that integrate with the chess application in some way.

The starting point will be a chess engine that RedFoo has been working on implementing in Rust especially for the hackathon. From here, the Foo Crew and RedFoo will start working the dApp magic.

Ready to Join the FooCrew?

Fill out this form

We will select 2 frontend-focused and 2 backend-focused developers to attend the Hackathon.


When/Where is the Hackathon?

June 14-16 in California.

What are the expectations?

You’ll behave, contribute, and have fun. In other words, don’t be an arse and be excellent to one another.

What will be covered?

  • Flights from home airport to event (landing at Burbank or LAX)
  • Flights will be Economy if they are less than 4 hours, Premium Economy if greater than 4 hours
  • Accommodation during the Hackathon
  • Travel between the airport and accommodation
  • Travel between accommodation and the event
  • 3 meals per day and refreshments

What are the Selection Criteria and Timeline?

  • Submissions are open until 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, May 15, 2022.
  • Submissions will be assessed by a panel of judges from RDX Works.
  • Selected community members will be notified before May 24, 2022.

Anything Else?

By participating in the Hackathon, you agree to be filmed during the event, and give RDX Works the image rights for that filming in perpetuity.

You also agree to forego any claims of code ownership resulting from the Hackathon. All code from the hackathon will be open source and participants in the hackathon irrevocably agree to any code they provide to the hackathon to be open sourced under MIT Creative Commons or similar license.

By applying, you hereby agree to the Radix Privacy Policy.

*certain restrictions will apply. For example, your flights won’t be first-class. Nor will you have your own plane.

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