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GoodFi Adds 22 Industry Leaders to New Advisory Board and Announces Launch of New Website.

May 13, 2021

In February this year, GoodFi was launched by Radix as a non-profit initiative with the goal of  getting 100 million people to put at least $1 into DeFi by 2025. 

Since launching, there has been a lot of interest from leading DeFi projects to join and help achieve this goal. With such a large influx of support, we are pleased to announce the 22 member GoodFi advisory board, which includes executives from DeFi leaders such as Radix, Chainlink, Aave, Sushiswap, Avalanche, mStable & more.

The full advisory board is as follows.

The addition of the Board of Advisors, who will meet monthly to tackle the combined challenges facing the adoption of decentralized finance, marks an important step in the growth of GoodFi after its initial unveiling just a few months ago. 

The shared experience, knowledge and resources of the GoodFi Board of Advisors will enable initiatives that lower the barriers to entry into crypto and increase understanding and access to DeFi for new users. By lowering these barriers, GoodFi and its members aim to help more people benefit from the opportunities and innovation presented by the DeFi industry. 

Alongside the new advisory board, the first version of GoodFi.com user-facing website is now live! 

The new website offers beginner-friendly educational content on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DeFi; and will help new users better understand the value proposition of Decentralised Finance. GoodFi.com will help users set up their first wallet and select the most appropriate assets based on their preferred platform, risk appetite, and amount they are looking to invest. 

Radix and other contributing members will release regular educational material to help newcomers participate in DeFi,  while fully understanding potential opportunities and risks.

The overarching aim of GoodFi is to open the public's eyes to possibilities of Decentralised Finance, and make it clear that for a legitimately fair and free market to exist users must be able to take control of financial infrastructure.

GoodFi is open to new members to help the cause, prospective members can apply directly via GoodFi.com/about.

If you would like to donate to help improve education and adoption around DeFi, you can do so here: GoodFi.com/dontate.


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