Putting You In Control

The app that connects you with the possibilities of Web3 and DeFi should feel like the safest application on your phone.

Transaction Preview

The Radix Wallet lets you clearly see every step of a transaction, before you commit.

Whether you are sending NFTs or trading on a DEX, with the Radix Transaction preview and <5s transactions, you will never be biting your nails again after you click “sign”.

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Decentralized Recovery

Losing your phone sucks.

On Radix, Smart Accounts make sure you don’t lose your digital assets as well.

Set up your friends, family, and other devices as multi-factor recovery and enjoy seed-phrase-free crypto security.

Everything In One Place

The app that holds your digital assets should understand what those assets are, and how best to display them.

Your Assets. Instantly.

NFTs, tokens, Pools Units & more.

Whatever you want to hold is displayed instantly, beautifully and intuitively within the wallet.

The Radix Wallet brings in and displays the metadata that everyone can understand.

Your Assets. Everywhere.

Mobile first isn’t mobile only.

With Radix Connect, bring your Web3 world to your desktop browser while keeping your secrets on your phone or hardware device.

No more sharing seed-phrases between devices. The Radix Wallet makes moving between screens effortless.

You Are More Than What You Own

The app that lets you log into your Web3 and DeFi universe should do more than just hold your assets.

Goodbye Passwords

Hello Radix Personas.

Log into any Radix dApp or service instantly with Radix Personas.

Use the full security of the Radix Wallet without ever having to use a password to log in again!

Welcome to Web3

We are so much more than just our assets, and with the Radix Wallet controlling your log ins, you can choose who you are with every dApp you care about.

Your Web3 gaming, social media, forums and even messaging apps on Radix can all be managed with your Personas.

The Brains Behind the Beauty

The radically better user experience of the Radix Wallet is exclusively possible on Radix due to the the incredible innovations that have been engineered into every layer of the platform.

Radix Community

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Join a passionate, ready-to-help community of users, developers, and entrepreneurs already using and building on Radix.
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