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Radically Better dApps

On Radix, dApp developers can harness the power of a Full Stack for Web3. This makes dApps easier to build, easier to use and harder to hack. Good for builders. Good for users.

Builders First

Radix is being built to give developers the shortest path from idea to production grade dApps.

Every design decision aims to help you focus on growth, not battling difficult-to-secure code, or continuously needing to educate your users on how not to mess up.

User Oriented

Ultimately, success or failure depends on how much users love to use what we build.

By tightly integrating user intentions around Assets and Identities into every layer of the Radix Technology Stack, Radix gives builders the tools to build truly user-first experiences.

Every dApp that #RunsOnRadix inherits that user benefit.


Want to build a dApp on Radix?

At the core of building on Radix is Scrypto, an Asset-Oriented programming language based on Rust that simplifies the complexities of delivering secure, delightful Web3 dApps.

Its game-changing design makes onboarding as a developer into the crypto space a breeze, empowering more people than ever to bring their Web3 ideas to life.


An Asset-Oriented programming language built specifically for DeFi and Web3

Runs on Radix
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