Radix: The Full Stack for DeFi

Radix is built to create a Web3 future for everyone, not just the innovators here today. A future where our friends, family and colleagues can confidently participate.

After 10 years of research, testing and focused development, Radix has built a highly optimized stack of custom technologies that tightly integrates wallet, programming language, execution environment, and consensus algorithm. Radically different to everything else, welcome to the “Radix Full Stack”.

A Radically Better User Experience
The Radix Wallet
A Radically Better Developer Experience
Scrypto + Radix Engine
A Radically Better Consensus Algorithm

The Radix Wallet

A Radically Better User Experience

Human-readable Transactions

The process of approving a DeFi transaction in Web3 today consistently creates one of the world’s most terrifying consumer experiences.

When you click “approve” or “sign”, do you really know what you’re authorizing, or is it just a leap of faith? Stories of people blind signing a transaction only to realize their assets have disappeared are all too common.  

Powered by the Radix Transaction Manifest, the Radix Wallet* shows a friendly, understandable preview of what’s actually going to happen when you click “approve”.

Every transaction on Radix gets this treatment automatically. No special support is needed from dApps or dApp developers; it just works.

Easy & Secure Account Control. No Custodians, No Seed Phrases

For most users, having a single seed phrase that unlocks everything they own is not only confusing, it’s dangerous. Lost and stolen seed phrases have already cost the industry billions of dollars.

With Smart Accounts, the Radix Wallet provides a non-custodial crypto experience that’s safe and fully decentralized. It’s as easy to use as any app on your phone, without needing to rely on a centralized service or custodian.

With Radix Smart Accounts, seed phrases become a thing of the past!

And There is so Much More…

The Radix Wallet brings a mobile-first approach to Web3 & DeFi, ensuring effortless and secure smart contract interactions across devices.

When combined with Radix Connect, you can seamlessly use dApps on desktop for the big screen experience, while still securely managing your crypto assets.

What you own shouldn't define who you are, and thanks to Radix Personas, you can take control of your Web3 identity while maintaining full control over your information.

Find out how the Radix User Experience is Primed for Mainstream Adoption

Experience the first DeFi and Web3 wallet built for everyday people. Exclusively possible on Radix.


A Radically Better Developer Experience

Designed to Build the Future of Finance

At the heart of Web3 is the creation and programming of digital assets. To do that intuitively required a new programming paradigm to go with the new paradigm of Web3.

Radix created Scrypto, an asset-oriented programming language that prioritizes ease of use, finally making it possible to onboard the developers the crypto space needs to go mainstream. Combined with Radix Engine, Scrypto puts assets, accounts and permissions at the heart of the programming language. Together they make asset security feel easy and obvious.

December 2021
Scrypto in early-access.

Over 12,000 developers around the world have already tried it!
They have built decentralized exchanges, oracles, lending platforms, yield farming systems, DAOs, and countless other building blocks. Over 50 projects have announced that they will be building on Radix.

Sept 2023
Smart contracts can now be deployed on the Radix Mainnet.
With the Babylon upgrade, multiple new features have been launched, such as The Radix Wallet, The Radix Dashboard, Developer Console, and dApp Sandbox.

Want to Learn more about Scrypto?

Scrypto-based dApps can be deployed on the Radix Mainnet. Now is the time to explore and get hands-on experience in Web3.

Don’t believe us?
Hear what some developers have to say

Radix Engine

A Radically Better Developer Experience

The World's First “DeFi Engine”

Game engines like Unity and Unreal took care of the standardizable, low-level stuff that every game needs, freeing up developer time to work on the parts that make games great: narrative, gameplay, world-building.

Before game engines, developers spent 80% of their time on the low-level boring stuff like rendering engines and physics engines. After game engines, developers could spend the majority of their time on building great games.

Before Game Engines

Over 80% of developer time was spent defining the laws of physics and low level optimizations

After Game Engines

Game engines allowed developers to spend more of their time on gameplay, story, levels, and graphics

The Radix Engine unlocks similar powers for Web3 and DeFi developers, giving back their time to work on the features their users want. Both developers and their users can be confident that dApps that run on Radix are powerful, intuitive and secure.

Before DeFi Engines

In DeFi today, the majority of developer time is spent on validations, error handling, testing, and audit

After DeFi Engines

With Radix Engine, developers can spend their time on 
DeFi Functionality their users want

Secure DeFi by Default

The Radix Engine is like an asset co-processor for Web3; instead of developers needing to worry about the safe handling of assets in complex dApps, the Radix Engine does the heavy lifting.

Hacks such as re-entrancy attacks, token approval attacks or signature manipulation attacks have cost users over $500m to date. Radix Engine makes many of these attacks impossible.

With Radix Engine, both developers and their users know that dApps that run on Radix are powerful, intuitive, and secure.

How Scrypto and the Radix Engine Massively Improve Developer Experience

With an asset-oriented smart contract environment, Radix Engine gives you the best path from idea to Web3 dApp.


A Radically Better Consensus Algorithm

The Final Layer of the Radix Stack

For Web3 to reach mass adoption, users need to be able to confidently use a network without skyrocketing fees, finality time, or a myriad of confusing layer 2’s to contend with.

Cerberus is the unique consensus algorithm powering the Radix Network.

2013 - July 2021
Born from research that began in 2013, Cerberus is the only consensus algorithm with a proven design to deliver parallel execution while maintaining atomic composability. This will allow Cerberus to scale linearly with demand, just like the internet itself, while retaining the composable magic of a single shard network.

The first version of Cerberus went live with the Radix mainnet in July 2021
April 2023
Transactions done

For more stats, check out RadixCharts, an analytics platform built by the Radix Community that provides insights into the Radix Network.

Learn how Cerberus Provides Unlimited Linear Scalability

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