Supercharging DeFi Ecosystem Growth

A thriving marketplace of DeFi dApps where developers will be able to rapidly innovate, share, and earn.

Blueprint Catalog, Royalties, and Services

The shortest path from idea to revenue stream

Decentralizing the global financial system of the future should mean exponential growth – but only if developers have the tools to build what they care about quickly, and get rewarded for great ideas. The Radix Public Network, and ecosystem services, are designed to do just that.

Taking open-source to the next level

Developers want to stand on the shoulders of giants. On Radix, developers will be able to deploy their Scrypto code as configurable “blueprints” to a living on-ledger "blueprint catalog". From there, the Radix developer community can instantly leverage great functionality directly and see how it’s already being used on the network – not just copy code. Using battle-tested blueprints means dApps can get to market faster, and with higher confidence in more complex DeFi functionality.

Recurring, on-ledger Royalties

Developers should be rewarded for helping grow and improve what’s possible. That’s why when a developer creates a blueprint, they will be able to set a royalty fee that’s charged by the network each time their code is actually used in a transaction. This free-market approach empowers developers to get compensated for useful additions they make to the Radix ecosystem, and encourages modular building.

Essential services developers need for success

Developers want to focus on what they’re best at. With optional ecosystem services such as Instapass and Instabridge, developers will be able to easily add AML/KYC compliance or asset bridging to their dApp with a streamlined integration – not a mind-numbing development effort and a pile of legal bills that are costly and slow them down.

Development is continuing on Radix as part of our exciting roadmap, with certain capabilities described coming in future releases of the Radix Public Network protocol. Find out more here.

The Full Stack for DeFi

Giving developers an unfair advantage in DeFi

A game changer for building DeFi

DeFi sucks for developers today. They waste up to 90% of their time battling code. Imagine how much better DeFi would be if we took the brakes off innovation.

That’s why Radix built Scrypto, a purpose-built, asset-oriented programming language for DeFi based on Rust. Scrypto allows developers to quickly and intuitively build secure DeFi dApps.

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Supercharging Ecosystem Growth

DeFi sucks for entrepreneurs. Taking a project from concept to success can cost millions of dollars and years of work.

That’s why Radix provides the catalysts for exponentional ecosystem growth into the network itself. Blueprints and developer royalties mean entrepenurial developers can get rewarded automatically by building things that make the ecosystem better.

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Fixing Scalability Forever

DeFi sucks for users. Paying hundreds of dollars in gas fees and/or waiting hours for transactions to confirm is infuriating and a major barrier to mass adoption and DeFi.

Cerberus is our unique consenus algorithm that will power the only public decentralized network where scale will never be a bottleneck. With unlimited throughput for DeFi transactions, while maintaining atomic cross-shard composability, Radix is the only network where DeFi can thrive.

Understanding Cerberus
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How Radix is building the future of DeFi

No math. Read this to learn about how Radix is building the future of DeFi. 30 pages of pure goodness!

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