Radix Key Milestones and Deliverables – The Road Ahead

Radix Key Milestones and Deliverables
Radix DLT
1st September 2020

Radix Key Milestones and Deliverables

As many in our community will know, Radix is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. If you aren’t familiar with Dan’s (our CTO and Founder) journey to this point, you should definitely take a read here

Radix’s journey is far from over, and there are many exciting milestones on the horizon which we are pleased to share with you today with our updated public roadmap! The roadmap covers the major milestones, both technical and non-technical. 

Over time, there may be additions to the roadmap and also smaller announcements and updates that aren’t included here. Make sure to check out the links to our channels at the end of this post to get all the news as it happens. 

2020 and Beyond!

It’s already been very busy for Radix, with the Cerberus consensus whitepaper and DeFi whitepaper being published, the release of RPN Drop 1, and a successful partnership with University California Davis. 

The pace of progress has only been accelerating over the summer months, and the next big milestones include the release of the ERC20 eRADIX token, due in Q4, as well as the announcement and launch of the first major Radix product, and the RPN-1 Drop 2. 

Our busy schedule is happening in parallel to the “main event” and we are pleased to share that the Radix Mainnet is on track for release in Q2 2021! 

Below you can find the full roadmap:

The Radix Roadmap




  • Radvocates Ambassador Program Stage 2
  • ERC20 Token sale
  • ERC20 DeFi launch
  • ERC20 Token Listed on Exchanges


  • Betanet for node-runner testing (Q1)
  • Mainnet Staking/Node runner client release (ahead of mainnet) (Q2)
  • Radix ERC20 <-> Mainnet token swaps go live on partner exchanges (Q2)
  • RPN-1 Mainnet launch (Q2)
  • Radix Engine V1 (Q2, part of mainnet launch)
  • Network Emissions start (Q2, part of mainet launch)
  • Radix Engine V2 + On Ledger Royalties (H’2)
  • Radix Dev Royalties Program Launches (H’2)
  • First DeFi catalog Components released (H’2)


  • Radix “Developer’s Guide” component-browsing service (2022 Q1)

So thats a roundup of the Radix Key Milestones and Deliverables and in addition to the roadmap, you can follow all of our development progress in real-time on the Radix GitHub page. For non-technical, the best thing to do is join our Telegram Announcements channel and Telegram Group, as well as subscribe to our email list and follow our other social channels listed on our Community Page.