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dHedge: Advanced DeFi trading made easy

Join Piers Ridyard in this episode of the DeFi Download, where he talks with Henrik Andersson, co-founder of dHEDGE. They discuss copy trading with synthetic assets, breaking barriers to entry into the asset management world, and democratising investing. The dHEDGE motto is “Invest like the best,” and it offers “Non-custodial mimetic trading for synthetics on […]

Quantstamp: Code, sleep, audit, repeat!

In this episode of the DeFi Download, Piers Ridyard interviews Krishna Sriram. Krishna is the Managing Director of Quantstamp, whose mission is to secure the decentralised internet. Quantstamp has protected 2 billion dollars in digital asset risk from hackers and has audited the smart contracts and code of several leading projects in the DeFi and […]

mStable: Make Money Make Money

Join Piers Ridyard, CEO of Radix, in his conversation with James Simpson, co-founder of mStable. This episode of the DeFi Download podcast focuses on unwrapping how the mStable protocol works by examining its various products, the mUSD token, MINT, SWAP, SAVE, and EARN.

Aragon: Let’s build a new country!

In this episode of DeFi Download, Piers interviews Luis Cuente, Co-Founder & Core Contributor of the Aragon project, which gives internet communities unprecedented power to organise around shared values and resources. They talk about Decentralised Autonomous Organizations, decentralised governance and dispute resolution mechanisms, as well as how to build a better Uber.