Introducing our new Radvocate Program!

24th July 2020

At Radix we are committed to building a community-driven decentralized public network that has the speed and scalability to be truly global and open to everyone. We believe that DeFi has the potential to change the world for the better and want to be at the forefront of this revolution.

To further our ecosystem and involve our community further,  we have decided to launch our updated Radix Radvocates Program.

For this purpose, we have initially set aside 10 Million XRD tokens to be distributed equally among the Top-100 Radvocates!

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How can I become a Radvocate?

Sign-up link

The Radvocate program allows people to participate in various challenges in order to gain points to go up a  leaderboard. We will choose the top 100 people on the leaderboard and establish them as Radvocates at the end of the first tranche of challenges. 

To learn more about the program take a look at the Radvocates Page on our Website.

What is the goal of the Radvocate program?

Our goal here at Radix is to build the first layer 1 protocol built specifically to serve Decentralized Finance. To expand our ecosystem, we need to be open to our community needs and ideas and give everyone an opportunity to participate in the DeFi movement. This cannot be done purely by coders and developers –  we want everyone to feel acknowledged regardless of where your strengths lie! 

What about a leaderboard?

A leaderboard with updated rankings can be found here!  This gets updated every two weeks so make sure to check often.

Complete Challenges & Gain Points to receive corresponding XRD Rewards:

5,000 Points = 10,000 XRD
10,000 Points = 20,000 XRD
15,000 Points = 40,000 XRD
20,000 Points = 75,000 XRD
25,000 Points = 100,000 XRD

Sweet! I am in, tell me about the challenges!

We are starting with 5 Challenges to get you all excited! These are:

i) Content/Article creation
ii) Videos Challenge
iii) Infographics
iv) Run a Webinar/Meetup
v) DeFi Surveys

More challenges will be added over time. An updated list of challenges can be found here!

This is exciting, but I have sooo many questions…

We have created a handy FAQ for all your questions which can be read here. 
If you still have questions, reach out to @kalradix through Telegram.


That’s a wrap from our end, we hope to see you all in our Radvocates community!