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Radix Report 9th December

December 9, 2021


Piers Ridyard, CEO – RDX Works

This will be the last Radix Report of 2021, and what a year it has been. This time last year, we had only just launched eXRD, which was only available on Uniswap, and we had 16k followers generating 200k impressions in a month on Twitter! Even the Radix Report wasn’t a regular feature. 

Fast forward a year and the Olympia version of the Radix Public Network is live with over 2.6 billion XRD staked to a wide array of community-run validator nodes, auxiliary services such as Instapass and Instabridge are up and running, XRD has been in the CoinGecko top 50, and we are regularly reaching over 100m impressions across various channels. Oh, and we have over doubled the number of people working on Radix. 

While everyone working on Radix is proud of the progress we have made this year, there is still so much left to do. Next week, the Alexandria release will be out, letting developers get their hands on Scrypto to experience the game-changing improvement it brings to building DeFi. There are already many things planned for early next year, and we can’t wait to see what amazing things the Radix community continues to build!

The launch of Scrypto in Alexandria is just also just the beginning. The path to Babylon and beyond, where the DeFi on Radix really begins will be a fantastic journey and one we couldn’t do without the continued support of all of the Radix community and Radvocates. Your support has been the highlight of 2021, and we can’t wait to share all the exciting things coming in 2022 with you all. 

Now, over to the department leads!

Strategy & Marketing

Adam Simmons, CSO - RDX Works

With less than a week until the Alexandria release, the marketing team has been busy prepping the launch campaigns, content, and ensuring things are ready for the start of 2022! A few highlights of what has been going on recently are:

  • We’re always looking for new channels and audiences to increase our marketing reach, and therefore we recently began our first test campaign with Brave ads. It was great to see people in the community already noticing them, as well as the good response we have seen so far with over 1.2m views and over 30k people visiting Radixdlt.com as a direct result. 
  • Twitter activity has continued to ramp up ahead of the Alexandria launch when we will be doing a much larger campaign. In the last two weeks, the official Radix Twitter has had over 6 million impressions, with engagement up 7% from the previous period. 
  • A lot of Twitter activity has been driven by an increase in the amount of Twitter influencers following Radix, who have a combined following of over 2.1m. This includes people such as Trader Koz, StrongHedge, TheoTrader, Murfski, TraderDanik who have started to pay attention to the project, alongside a few large accounts that have been following Radix closely since the token unlocks such as ShardiB2, PostyXBT, Trader1SZ, TraderXO, Bitcointrapper, Wagmisaurus, CryptoNagato, CryptoOmega, the OG friend of Radix Crypto_birb.
  • The Radix Roundtable team returned for another excellent episode, covering the Scrypto Debut, community code examples, and 2022 marketing plans!
  • RDX Works Founder Dan Hughes and CEO Piers Ridyard had a deep discussion on many aspects of Radix tech. One to check out if you like to know what’s under the hood of a DeFi protocol.


Russell Harvey, CTO & Matthew Hine, CPO - RDX Works

We’re less than a week away from Alexandria!  The dev team has been in a frenzy of activity working on Scrypto and the implementation of the Gateway Service, which will both provide a reference implementation for consuming the Core API and serve as the default source of information for the Wallet and Explorer going forward.  Specific items include:

  • NFTs went through a few phases of rapid prototyping and we are happy to confirm that they will be present in the Alexandria Scrypto release!
  • Resources in Scrypto have been given an overhaul to have much finer-grained control and flexibility in their behavior.  Look for examples accompanying Alexandria.
  • Updates to the JavaScript library, Wallet, and Explorer to consume the Gateway API.
  • Some quality of life improvements to the Wallet, such as the ability to hide specific tokens (not yet released).
  • Groundwork to enable “sentry nodes” in the future, which will give node runners the option to avoid having their nodes be directly connected to the outside world.

From the Radix Community**

The Turkish community saw a rapid increase in the messages and active users compared to two weeks ago, with 229 people joining the community! Our dear friend Kripto Emre explained the differences between Scrypto and Solidity here and it reached more than 89k views. 

The Indonesian community has been quite active with 577 new members - an increase of 19.1% compared to last month. There have been two new videos reaching 5.8k views and 2.4k views. Radix was also covered in different media outlets such as CryptoHarian and IDNTimes. Don’t forget to check amazing infographics about staking, Scrypto, eXRD, and Cerberus

Over on Reddit, the Radix community posted the news of CoinGecko ranking update on several subreddits! The Reddit post stayed at the top of subreddits for a couple of hours and it reached a maximum of 704 upvotes! Here is the post on Cryptomoonshots with over 1.2m followers.  

Recently, Radix DLT CEO Piers Ridyard was invited to a roundtable with Cryptobirb and BigShortBets discussing Decentralisation as the new form, here is the video

*The Radix Report update comes from team members at RDX Works Ltd

**Updates provided by members of the Radix community. It may contain inaccuracies.

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