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Paymobil: Venmo for the world

March 18, 2021

Join Piers Ridyard and the creator of Paymobil, Daniel Nordh, for a discussion on cross-border money transfers using stablecoins.  

Daniel, who previously worked at Coinbase, founded Paymobil to simplify cross-border money transfers using cryptocurrencies, with a focus on delivering a wonderful user experience through a user-friendly app.

In this episode, Daniel and Piers dive into the features and functionality of Paymobil, and examine the differences in banking experiences between Europe and the United States.

[00:00:31] What is the problem that Daniel Nordh is attempting to solve with Paymobil? What has he learned about the market from the market as a result of his quest to build Paymobil?

[00:02:08] Daniel's rationale for using stablecoins.

[00:03:14] Paymobil application's ease, intuitiveness, and user-friendliness, as well as its target audience.

[00:05:37] How does Paymobil function from the viewpoint of off-ramps? How does Paymobil address the issue of converting crypto into local currency?

[00:07:36] Paymobil’s focus: Creating a user experience like that of non-crypto apps such as Venmo and Square Cash.

[00:09:00] Daniel’s advice to other DeFi makers looking to create simple user interfaces.

[00:11:49] Paymobil’s noncustodial role.

[00:13:02] Paymobil’s community building and future growth plans.

[00:15:45] Paymobil's preferred stablecoin.

[00:19:37] How the flow of money works in the Paymobil app.

[00:21:00] The disparities in banking experiences between Europe and America, as well as the reasons why Venmo is most common in the United States.

[00:24:57] Which upcoming infrastructure features and tools pique Daniel's interest?

[00:27:47] Daniel’s general view on the DeFi ecosystem.

[00:32:46] Daniel’s journey into crypto and the lessons he learned while working at Coinbase. Why are most people still sceptical of cryptocurrencies?

Further resources

Website: paymobil.co

Twitter: @PaymobilApp