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Liquity: A new king in the decentralized stable coin arena?

October 13, 2023

This episode of the DeFi Download with host Piers Ridyard features Robert Lauko, founder and head of research at Liquity. Tune in to discover how Liquity is addressing the stablecoin trilemma and reshaping the crypto space with game-changing innovations ranging from principal protection to improved peg stability.


Liquity is a pioneering DeFi protocol that is reshaping the DeFi and stablecoin landscape with its innovative approach. At its core, it prioritizes stability and scalability while maintaining decentralization. It achieves this through groundbreaking features such as principal protection, which ensures users can confidently redeem their assets at or above their principal value, and a tighter peg to minimize deviations from the dollar value. A hybrid stability pool, a ground-breaking feature that not only supports the loans but also acts as a backup for the reserve, highlights Liquity's commitment to stability even further.

Robert Lauko takes us on a deep dive into Liquity's mechanics, shedding light on its inner workings, from its liquidation mechanism to its impressive growth, including the endorsement of Justin Sun, who injected over a billion dollars into the nascent protocol.

Robert and Piers delve into Liquity's unwavering commitment to decentralization and transparency, alongside its reliance on ETH as collateral in its V1 version. Additionally, they explore the formidable challenges faced within the stablecoin landscape and the ingenious strategies Liquity has employed to overcome them.

Looking forward, Liquity V2 takes center stage. Robert introduces the concept of a decentralized reserve mechanism and emphasizes the vital role of a decentralized Peg-Stability Module (PSM) in maintaining a stablecoin's peg. Liquity V2 sets out to redefine the stablecoin trilemma by demonstrating that resilience, scalability, and decentralization can harmoniously coexist.

Tune into this episode to find out how Liquity offers stability and leveraged upside, potentially revolutionizing lending. You'll also gain an understanding of principal protection and learn about Liquity's stability pool, which uses staked ETH to deliver attractive yields and security.

Key takeaways

  • Liquity balances the stablecoin trilemma by addressing stability, scalability, and decentralization by introducing a strong arbitrage mechanism and a hedging product with principal protection and a tighter peg.
  • Liquity V2 targets a tighter peg and more attractive borrowing through potential collateralization ratio reductions.
  • Principal protection fosters trust, enabling users to redeem assets at or above the principal value, while Liquity V1 and V2 offer choices for varied risk profiles alongside the liquidity-boosting stability pool.


[01:15] Introduction to Liquity and its unique approach to loan-to-value ratios

[04:32] Liquity's efficient liquidation mechanism and incentives

[08:29] Liquity's meteoric rise: A billion dollars in 10 days to 2.5 billion in two weeks

[10:28] Lessons from Liquity: How its launch attracted whales and big players

[12:01] ETH-exclusive V1: Exploring the early design decision and future considerations

[12:41] How Liquity ensures a liquid and useful stablecoin

[15:19] Liquity's strategies for establishing partnerships and integration

[17:48] The stablecoin trilemma and Liquity's approach to resilience, scalability, and decentralization

[20:17] Innovation in action: The vision behind Liquity V2

[22:35] Rebalancing stablecoin supply and demand: The role of a decentralized Peg Stability Module (PSM)

[26:27] Liquity V2's strategy for tightening stablecoin bands and reducing volatility risk

[33:13] Navigating ETH volatility: Liquity V2's strategy with principal protection and leverage

[40:28] The benefits of Liquity V2 compared to its predecessor, V1

[42:39] Liquity V2's hybrid stability pool

[45:09] Liquity V1 and V2 coexistence

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