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How to market a crypto company with Jeremy Epstein

May 21, 2021

In this episode, they delve into crypto marketing and address topics like community building, tribalism, and what it's like to brief generals in the Pentagon about the blockchain.

Jeremy is the author of three books about the intersection between blockchain and marketing. He has written nearly 1000 blog posts on the blockchain and the impact of crypto-economics and has served as an advisor to OpenBazaar, Dapper Labs, the cryptocurrency FAME, DAOstack, Storj, Arweave, Formatic (now Magic), SingularityNET, Zcash.

Jeremy is also a mentor on the Outliers Ventures program Base Camp, and he has twice briefed three-star generals at the Pentagon on the impact of cryptocurrencies.

1:17 Jeremy's viewpoint on marketing in the cryptocurrency space and how it differs from traditional marketing.

2:59 Given that Bitcoin is a community project that became valuable due to the collective belief of people wanting it to be so, how has Jeremy seen the sophistication of ways of thinking about building communities change over the years since Bitcoin's inception?

6:23 What is the crypto world bringing into the traditional world, according to Jeremy? Is the traditional world being inspired by what's going on in crypto, or is it being forced to adapt and change because people expect a new type of interactivity?

7:49 The emergence of tribes and tribalism in the crypto space.

19:21 Jeremy discusses his experience briefing the Pentagon.

22:15 Jeremy's crypto moment and what made him realize that crypto was more than just a strange technology fad.

26:27 Jeremy's advice on constructing a project's narrative or story and how to think about it from the perspective of an external consumer.29:03 How Jeremy assisted Zcash in refining its marketing message.

31:04 Radix's experience working with Jeremy as a marketing advisor.

36:12 What are some of the upcoming innovations in the intersection of marketing, public ledgers, and decentralized applications?

38:29 What is the definition of Wallet Relationship Management? Is the concept in conflict with the desires of the crypto community?

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