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DappRadar: The World’s Dapp Store

April 23, 2023


In recent years, the industry of Web3 decentralised applications (dApps) has exploded, reaching a tipping point of mass adoption with millions of users and hundreds of billions of dollars locked up in DeFi protocols. DappRadar pioneered reliable on-chain metrics and became the primary dApp discovery destination. DappRadar is evolving into the World's Dapp Store and introducing the RADAR token to reward user participation and contributions.

DappRadar is a community-owned gateway into Web3 and DeFi, with the ambition to be owned by millions and used by billions. The platform tracks over 12,000 dApps across various chains, including Ethereum, EOS, TRON, ONT, ThunderCore, WAX, Steem, Hive, BNB Chain, Polygon and Flow. With half a million monthly active users, DappRadar is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the blockchain industry.

One of the most impressive features of DappRadar is its breadth of information. The platform offers rankings, portfolio tracking, NFT tracking, alerts for airdrops, statistics and information about users and transaction volume. The DappRadar website also has a section dedicated to company news and product updates, and a blog that covers things around the industry and pulls in extra information from other publications.

Key takeaways

  1. DappRadar is a comprehensive source of information on dApps across multiple platforms (and will soon include Radix). This is a crucial feature as it allows users to have a one-stop shop for information on different dApps available on different blockchain platforms and saves them time and effort in searching for information on different platforms.
  2. DappRadar is a significant player in the DeFi space, with ambitious goals and a community-driven approach.
  3. DappRadar has ambitious goals and is constantly striving to grow its user base. Its goal is to have millions of owners and billions of users, and there are currently half a million monthly active users on the platform.
  4. DappRadar is community-driven and welcomes contributions from interested individuals. To get involved in the DappRadar community, interested individuals can start by joining the Discord group and the forum.


[01:14] When was DappRadar founded?

[03:04] Skirmantas was captivated not only by CryptoKitties but also by the idea of using blockchain technology for purposes other than simply storing value in Bitcoin. He was particularly intrigued by the concept of smart contracts, which enable trustless logic execution. He also saw how blockchain technology could aid in the prevention of scams in activities like online poker.

[04:26] Why Skirmantas chose to build DappRadar

[06:27] The challenges of keeping data up to date in the DeFi space

[09:09] Major trends for 2023 based on DappRadar’s experience as a comprehensive gateway to Blockchain information

[12:22] Speculations for the future of play-to-earn (P2E) games in the year 2023

[14:09] The shift in focus in the Web3 games space from speculation on assets to user-focused services, the challenges of building a successful game economy, and the experimentation that is taking place in this area

[15:48] Gamification of non-gaming activities such as CrossFit and the potential for creating economies

[18:09] Skirmantas’ hardest lessons in building a business and user base

[20:48] Linking audience engagement, dApp tracking, and the RADAR token

[22:56] While some dApps are simple to track on the DappRadar platform, others necessitate more effort and communication with developers. The platform relies on community contributors to assist with this process and to strengthen the overall dApp store. What role does the RADAR token play in this process?

[24:04] Using the RADAR token to incentivize community contributions

[27:37] DappRadar's monthly active users and token holders, as well as its strategy for reaching millions of owners and billions of users

[30:32] The number of DappRadar contributors

[30:53] How to participate in the DappRadar community\

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