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CoinFund: picking the best investments in Web 3.0 with Jake Brukhman

December 11, 2022

CoinFund is a crypto-native investment firm and registered investment advisor. The team specialises in portfolio management, token design, decentralised networks, as well as research, trading, market structure, engineerings, brand strategy, law, and regulation. CoinFund has made investments in a number of different projects, some of which include Dapper Labs, Upshot, The Graph, Balancer, and Fuel Labs.

Jake has a background in mathematics and computer science, as well as art and NFTs. He and his team developed CoinFund to aid in the growth and adoption of blockchain technology in practical and responsible ways.

Key takeaways

  • The thesis of the CoinFund team is to investigate what blockchain technology is capable of achieving beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. The overall conclusion is that blockchain technology possesses the potential to establish open public permissionless decentralised user-owned and user-governed networks that are essentially public goods.
  • Blockchains outperform corporations in a variety of areas, such as transparency, security, ownership, and capital formation.
  • Web 3.0 is the innovation that can allow us to work with open technologies while preserving their value.


[01:23] Why Jake decided to start CoinFund and how he got his start in the investment industry

[04:16] The more complicated aspects of being an investor

[05:56] Where did CoinFund obtain its first round of funding?

[06:57] What was the amount of CoinFund's initial financing round and what was the return on investment?

[07:20] Investment and capital allocation mindsets may be shifted via foresight, conviction, and the support of others (including those closest to you in life).

[09:32] When looking back on the infancy of the cryptocurrency market, what trends does Jake observe that the CoinFund team looks for in addition to the three things a traditional investor looks for (team, technology, and traction)?

[10:03] Blog article by Jake detailing the 9 core value propositions of crypto networks

[12:14] What does Jake see as the insight that will make the overlap between crypto and AI succeed in terms of deep value delivery?

[19:01] How do we move from open development to guaranteeing that the original investors monetise the output of the final model and receive a return on their investment?

[23:10] The desktop of the future will be little more than a text command prompt, and all software will be built from scratch

[24:01] Generative and creative artificial intelligence systems and algorithms hold great promise for the creation of valuable assets. What does Jake think of NFTs as an asset class, and how does he anticipate that this category of assets will continue to expand and become increasingly financialised in the future?

[26:44] Is there a difference in the liquidity of fungible and non-fungible assets?

[28:57] Blog post by Jake: "Appraisal Games and the NFT Liquidity Problem"

[30:00] Upshot.xyz: a pricing mechanism using machine learning

[31:08] Is Jake of the opinion that private investors, mindful of the idiosyncratic risk associated with individual assets, will increasingly choose basket assets that have been transparently rated using AI?

[35:09] For every asset or token, the early stages are the most challenging.

[36:20] The NFT financialization process was pioneered by the arts. Jake names the next three things he predicts will become NFTs.

[39:50] Jake writes on his blog that “all digital content is going on-chain”

[40:43] Is it going to take longer than anticipated to get real-world assets on-ledger?

[42:02] What is CoinFund's perspective on the next phase of public ledger scalability?

[48:16] The value of keeping an open mind as to the potential outcomes of the future of blockchains

Further resources

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