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Alpha Labs: Automatically finding you the best opportunities in DeFi

July 16, 2021

In this episode of the DeFi Download Piers Ridyard interviews Tascha Punyaneramitdee, Co-Founder of Alpha Finance Lab's.

Tascha provides an in-depth examination of Alpha Finance Lab's product offerings, including Alpha Homora, a leveraged yield farming product, Alpha Launchpad, a DeFi incubator, and AlphaX, a decentralized, non-orderbook perpetual swap trading market.

0:51 What is the definition of “alpha” in finance?

1:49 What is the definition of “alpha” in DeFi, according to Alpha Finance Lab?

2:48 Alpha Finance Lab’s market benchmarking process

4:49 How Alpha Finance Lab came up with the idea for Alpha Homora and the iteration process that it has undergone

6:47 Why can Alpha Finance Lab offer 8% to 10% of lending APY when Aave cannot? 

8:45 An example of a leveraged yield farming strategy - A step-by-step explanation of where the assets are going, how they are being used, what is coming back, and what is being done with what comes back - Why would a yield farmer choose a leveraged product and what are the risk characteristics?

15:32 What changes did Alpha Finance Lab notice in typical user behaviour in V2?

16:16 What did Alpha Finance Lab learn while developing Alpha Homora V1, and what changes did they make in Alpha Homora V2?

19:07 Tascha's advice to people considering using these products for the first time on how to think about personal risk.

23:24 The maximum leverage Alpha Finance Lab provides, as well as how far off the peg something would have to move to cause a 100% liquidation event

25:22 What kind of return can one expect from a 9x leverage?

26:17 What prompted the Alpha Finance Lab team to establish a lab? How do they find teams and what is their incubation process behind building the next set of products?

27:59 Is there an incubator program from which Alpha Finance Lab drew inspiration? What is the style of incubation they have formed, and why do they believe it is best suited for DeFi?

30:37 Why should a new project consider applying to Alpha Finance Lab?

32:57 What is the next product from Alpha Finance Lab? What is the issue that AlphaX is attempting to resolve?

37:35 Upcoming projects that have been incubated on the Alpha Launchpad

38:35 What would Tascha recommend as a good place to start for most people interested in Alpha Finance Lab's work?

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