A Game Changer for Building DeFi

Introducing Scrypto: a smart contract language that gives developers an unfair advantage in DeFi

A Game Engine for DeFi

Scrypto & Radix Engine have the essentials of finance built in

90% of building a game used to be creating low level essentials like physics and graphics display from scratch. Game engines like Unity and Unreal came along and provided pre-built ways of meeting those needs, freeing the developer to just build the game. The Radix Engine is like a game engine for finance - it securely manages the essentials of asset management automatically, freeing developers to just build great DeFi applications.

Safer assets, better dApps

Over $1Bn of funds lost from hacks & exploits of Solidity smart contracts in a single year isn’t acceptable. Often the problem comes down to assets on Ethereum not being real features of the platform. Scrypto (and the Radix Engine it runs on) remove these issues by natively understanding tokens, NFTs, and other assets and how they should behave. That lets developers quickly and easily build secure DeFi applications.

Faster time to talent

More developers means more (and better) DeFi dApps. Today, it takes a developer years to learn how to build adequate DeFi dApps in Solidity. Even then, results are error-prone and the pool of talent is tiny, holding back innovation. Scrypto is based on developer-favorite Rust, and its asset-oriented features make secure dApp development a snap. This means a huge talent pool, more dApps, and better dApps.

The lifeblood of DeFi is the ability to connect dApps together like lego bricks. Ethereum made “composability” between smart contracts possible, but in a way that’s complex and requires custom smart contracts. With Radix Engine, each transaction can move assets between any number of dApps freely and directly – no custom smart contract code required.

Development is continuing on Radix as part of our exciting roadmap, with certain capabilities described coming in future releases of the Radix Public Network protocol. Find out more here.

The Full Stack for DeFi

Giving developers an unfair advantage in DeFi

A game changer for building DeFi

DeFi sucks for developers today. They waste up to 90% of their time battling code. Imagine how much better DeFi would be if we took the brakes off innovation.

That’s why Radix built Scrypto, a purpose-built, asset-oriented programming language for DeFi based on Rust. Scrypto allows developers to quickly and intuitively build secure DeFi dApps.

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Supercharging Ecosystem Growth

DeFi sucks for entrepreneurs. Taking a project from concept to success can cost millions of dollars and years of work.

That’s why Radix provides the catalysts for exponentional ecosystem growth into the network itself. Blueprints and developer royalties mean entrepenurial developers can get rewarded automatically by building things that make the ecosystem better.

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Fixing Scalability Forever

DeFi sucks for users. Paying hundreds of dollars in gas fees and/or waiting hours for transactions to confirm is infuriating and a major barrier to mass adoption and DeFi.

Cerberus is our unique consenus algorithm that will power the only public decentralized network where scale will never be a bottleneck. With unlimited throughput for DeFi transactions, while maintaining atomic cross-shard composability, Radix is the only network where DeFi can thrive.

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How Radix is building the future of DeFi

No math. Read this to learn about how Radix is building the future of DeFi. 30 pages of pure goodness!

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