The full stack for

Web 3.0

The radically better user and developer experience needed for everyone to confidently use Web3 & DeFi.

Exclusively possible with Radix.

The Radix Wallet

A Radically Better User Experience

Web3 & DeFi our friends and family can confidently use

Make every interaction with your tokens and dApps simple.

Say goodbye to blind signing and seed phrases with the Radix Wallet.

Experience human-readable transactions that give peace of mind.

Clear, human-readable transactions mean you always know what’s happening with your assets and fully decentralized multi-factor account recovery keeps your Web3 accounts and identities safe and secure.

A Growing World of dApps that #RunsOnRadix

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ScRypto & Radix Engine

A Radically Better Developer Experience

Smart contract code should be the easy part of your dApp.
The future of Web3 and DeFi is being built on Radix using Scrypto and Radix Engine, the world’s first “Digital Asset Engine”.

Much like how game engines revolutionized gaming, Scrypto and Radix Engine revolutionize Web3 development because they are designed specifically for fast and secure development of powerful DeFi and Web3 applications.

With Scrypto, asset and permission concepts are the first-class elements of the language, giving you intuitive tools to build and deploy powerful, secure dApps where asset management is a breeze and costly DeFi hacks are a thing of the past.

An Asset-Oriented Language Built for the Future

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Fastest Route From Idea To Production
Programmable Dev Royalties
Security by Default With Radix Engine
Intuitive Developer Onboarding

The Full Stack for DeFi

Radix delivers a radically better stack of technologies to build a Web3 future that is accessible and intuitive to everyone - not just today’s early adopters.
A Radically Better User Experience
The Radix Wallet
A Radically Better Developer Experience
Scrypto + Radix Engine
A Radically Better Consensus Algorithm
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The user and developer experience shown here is exclusively possible due to each layer of the Radix tech stack.

The Event that Changed DeFi!

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