Radix DLT Token Sale Safety

Radix DLT
20th July 2020

During the Radix DLT token sale, we have some key Token Sale Safety tips for you. This document will be updated and will provide links to all the official channels. If you are ever in doubt, please reference this page or [email protected]

Please only use the Token Sale Platform to purchase Radix Tokens. You can find full details of the token sale here: https://tokens.radixdlt.com/.

Please note, no Radix tokens are distributed before November 17th, 2020. Therefore, please be cautious of any fake tokens traded on decentralised exchanges prior to this date. The official Radix channels will be updated with information about token distribution and trading when it happens.

First things first, the only official channel for updates from Radix are:

For token sale queries please email: [email protected]

Telegram is our main channel for community communication and engagement. While we have active moderators in the channel, please be cautious of accounts that may try to impersonate Radix or one of the Radix team. Nobody from the Radix team will ever message you first on Telegram and they will never ask you to send or buy tokens via Telegram. 

Our social channels are then used to share our work updates, blogs, podcasts, AMA recordings and other PR or Marketing media.  Please be cautious of accounts that may try to impersonate Radix or one of the Radix team.

Only Radix DLT “Admins” will provide updates from Radix in our Telegram channel. 

Nobody from Radix DLT will ever DM you asking you for tokens, to buy tokens or for your information.

During the sale, some bad actors may attempt to impersonate members of the Radix team and contact you directly. If you receive a DM from someone posing to be a Radix DLT or Radix Foundation member, please do not respond. If you have any doubts about if a message is from a member of the Radix team via any channel, please email [email protected]

During the sale, some bad actors may attempt to create tokens that look similar to Radix and list them on decentralised exchanges. No Radix tokens are distributed prior to November 17th 2020, so any listings prior to this are fake. Please be extremely cautious when interacting with unknown tokens on decentralised platforms. We will announce on our social channels when Radix tokens are live and traded. If you have any doubts about if a token is the official Radix token, please email [email protected]

We engage with community moderators to support us with enquiries, but they do not represent Radix DLT or Radix Foundation and therefore are not permitted to discuss the token sale, to DM our community about tokens or the token sale nor are they permitted to engage or agree anything on our behalf. Only users labeled as “admins” and who are listed on the Radix website team section are associated with Radix. The only channel that is used to discuss token sale queries is our helpdesk email [email protected].

Radix DLT Ltd and Radix Foundation do not take any responsibility for the sales, negotiations, swaps or trades of tokens that occur on any social media platform.