The Radix Vision

Piers Ridyard
15th November 2018

At our recent team planning week, we spent some time discussing why we are building Radix, what we stand for as a company and our vision for the future. We wanted to share some of these as we really felt understanding our “why” has helped to put our “what” into perspective.

Built For The World To Use

Our mission is to give anyone, anywhere, friction-free access to the digital economy.

As the world becomes increasingly more interconnected, the digital economy is one of the most exciting areas of opportunity. However, so far, this digital revolution has been mostly confined to wealthier countries and people. Access to capital, banking, and expertise have been confined to microbubbles such as Silicon Valley, a place where even its own inhabitants feel disconnected and disenfranchised.

We believe DLT to be a powerful way to provide these opportunities to as many as possible, not just a privileged few. We believe in empowering the individual by lowering barriers to entry, be those technical or economic, and providing a technology platform to help anyone better achieve their potential.

We imagine a world where any person, no matter their knowledge or expertise, and with a device as small as a Raspberry Pi, can participate in the economy and create global products and services. A world where anyone has an opportunity to raise capital to fund their vision, and where sending and receiving payments does not require a bank account, just a public/private key pair.

What gets us out of bed in the morning is the immense potential for global impact Radix could have, not the money it could make. Making money is an end result; not a goal. This necessitates long-term thinking for an enhanced scope of ambition – one where decades, not months, are required.

For The Innovators

We created Radix as a platform for people to build applications that change the world.

We know that we can’t build everything – that this is a movement that will touch every industry and, eventually, every person on the planet. We see ourselves as the tool bearers. The ones that must provide mechanisms for the success of others; only then can we be truly successful ourselves.

There is a short-term way to do that – throw money at people. There are plenty of projects that have chosen this route. But we are not a VC. Nor are we a corporate ventures team. We are dedicated to one task above all others – to make the platform amazing.

That will not happen overnight – Radix will not be perfect when it launches, it won’t be completely bug-free, nor will it have all the features everyone needs. But it will be the first step on this journey; one that we are committed to as a team.