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Radix Swag Round 2: The Mug - Store returning 10/09

September 3, 2021

After a short hiatus and increasing community demand, the Radix Swag Store returns with new merchandise on Friday, 10th September 2021, at 18:00 UTC. 

The first drop in the Radix Swag Store was a resounding success, with the winner of the community design competition, Lucile Dufau, creating an Olympia-themed design that sold out in 6 minutes.

Will history repeat?

The winning community design for Round 2 was by resident Radvocate design extraordinaire, DesignBlock (@joselitommutuc). This bright and cheerful take on our tagline, “Radix - Layer 1 DeFi done right.” was judged as the winner by a panel of industry experts, and as such 25 units will be available in the Swag Store on the 10th of September.

This latest release is sure to sell out, so timing is everything. 

To make this as fair as possible, we will provide ample opportunity for you to prepare. We will give multiple updates throughout the week and announce the exact time and URL via our social media accounts and announcement channels.

The Mug will be listed for sale on the 10th of September at 18:00 UTC.

As with the first release, this will be a limited edition (only 25 each), making it a highly sought-out item for years to come. Don’t miss out on the chance to get an exclusive part of Radix history! 

If you do miss this release, it’s not game over! We will be running multiple competitions throughout the rest of the year, giving you further chances to secure your favorite design. 

After this community design release, the Swag Store will become a permanent fixture, with all the essential products from your favorite crypto project  - including hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and stickers! Stay tuned and follow our socials as more get listed during the lead-up to Alexandria; you may just find the perfect Christmas or birthday present for that special someone!

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