First Radix Hackathon Highlights From Lithuania

2nd August 2018

Last week the Radix team held its first ever hackathon in beautiful Lithuania!

The tail event in Pillar’s Unconference week, a total of 6 teams competed to win a prize of $3000 and a handful of nano ledgers. The goal? Create a complete end to end business proposal with tech MVP utilizing the Radix network. Best project as judged by the Radix team wins.

So without further ado, here are the results!

Winner: Hack.Funding (Micro-lending)

The winner of the hackathon produced a novel solution to the problem of funding hackathon projects post-hackathon. The idea is to utilize microlending in order to decrease risk on the funder side while also giving projects much needed funding. High fees in both fiat and blockchains make this model impractical but by utilizing Radix’s low fee, the Hack.Funding team was able to showcase how this sort of microlending can be financially viable.

I was impressed by their strong business model but even more so by the team’s willingness to dive deep into the tech. Their MVP solution utilized both a frontend using the radixdlt-js-lite library and a backend which managed the microlending contract using the radixdlt-java library.

GitHub Project Link:

Congrats to an awesome project and I look forward to working with you guys on expanding this project! 🙂

Runner-Up: RadiXign (Immutable Document Signing)

First of all, a brilliant name! The runner up project is a Docusign competitor. Simply put, their idea is to be able to sign immutable documents on the ledger without the need for a trusted intermediary.

Utilizing the radixdlt-js-lite library to quickly create an MVP in two days, I was impressed with how a team of individuals from vastly different backgrounds were able to come up with such a complete vision and product in a short amount of time. Very impressed!

The other projects:

Rad Property Raffle (Decentralized Raffle)

A raffle service which collects crypto from interested buyers and then randomly selects a winner once a minimum threshold of raised crypto is met. I was impressed with the team’s ability to use both the front-end radixdlt-js-lite libraries and the back-end radixdlt-java library and actually have a full end to end demo with functioning website.

Podium (Decentralized Twitter)

We all know the issue that plagues Twitter these days so this was a really cool project to see. I’ve thought before how one would design a decentralized twitter but these guys took it to the next level having come up with a way to integrate a decentralized/algorithmic way of clustering users for community moderation.

Podiloto (Uber for Bikes)

Peer to peer decentralized payment without the need for a 3rd party. The team was able to showcase a full frontend demo utilizing the radixdlt-js-lite library.

Personal Data Locker

A solution to keeping your personal data private unless you would like to sell it to surveys in exchange for XRD.

Thanks to everyone for making our first hackathon so memorable. I can’t wait for the next one! If you’re interested on building on top of Radix check out github or message me on Discord. I would love to talk!