E-RADIX Liquidity Incentives

Radix Tokens (Jersey) Ltd
20th October 2020

On November 17th, 2020, the first E-RADIX (eXRD) tokens will be distributed. Prior to this date, tokens can only be purchased via radixtokens.com. If you see tokens for sale on UniSwap or similar prior to this date, they are not genuine!

Once the sale is complete, 200,000,000 additional eXRD tokens are planned to be distributed as community liquidity rewards. The proposed details of the program can be found below, with the Liquidity Incentives due to start on the 17th of November 2020:

Reward Pool: 200,000,000 eXRD ($7.8M at the token sale price of $0.039)

Incentivised Liquidity Pair: eXRD / USDC

DeFi Platform: Uniswap

Duration: November 17th, running for 180 days.

Reward Allocation:

First 30 days: 75,000,000 eXRD target allocation (approximately $2.9m at the token sale price)

Day 31-60:  50,000,000 eXRD target allocation (approximately $1.95m at the token sale price)

Day 61-90: 25,000,000 eXRD target allocation (approximately $975k at the token sale price)

Day 91-120:  25,000,000 eXRD target allocation(approximately $975k at the token sale price)

Day 121-150:  15,000,000 eXRD target allocation (approximately $585k at the token sale price)

Day 151-180: 10,000,000 eXRD target allocation (approximately $390k at the token sale price)

Bonus Multiplier: The bonus multiplier follows the following curve, starting at 1x and reaching 6x by day 90. The longer a Liquidity provider stays in the reward program, the more bonus tokens they earn. If staked LP tokens are removed before the multiplier has reached 6, the unclaimed bonus tokens are redistributed to the reward pool.

Example Liquidity Rewards

A token holder continually providing 1% of the staked LP tokens from the start of the program would receive the following rewards, at a minimum, but could receive more if others leave the program before reaching the maximum bonus multiplier:

Number of Days Staked

Total Rewards 

in eXRD & USD @ 0.039

21,155 eXRD ($825)
15 71,181 ($2776)
30 194,444 eXRD ($7583)
60 671,250 eXRD ($26,178)
90 1,500,000 eXRD ($58,500)


In addition, the above does not account for other users leaving the pool before reaching the maximum bonus multiplier. When a liquidity provider unstakes their liquidity tokens from the eXRD reward smart-contract before they have reached the maximum bonus multiplier, their unclaimed bonus tokens are returned to the reward pool.


If you are interested in participating in the liquidity incentives, purchasing tokens at a fixed price via the Radix Token Sale before October 22nd is likely to be the most predictable way of acquiring eXRD tokens. More details of the current sale can be found here: https://tokens.radixdlt.com/