Radix Careers

Senior Back-end Engineer

What is the job?

No matter how powerful and flexible you build a platform, at the end of the day it’s the tools and services you present to the user that define the experience. Radix is seeking a veteran, generalist developer to build the systems that will define the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

DeFi has turned out to be the killer app that is taking public distributed ledgers from niche products for speculators and hobbyists to projects of global economic significance, and with it has come a new paradigm for user experiences. Authentication models, interoperability expectations, and the entire concept of user accounts are all undergoing dramatic changes; at Radix you’ll have the opportunity to define the way forward while working at the very cutting edge of a space undergoing furious growth

Working from a coherent vision, step by step you will turn requirements into top-notch products working with ace developers and testers through rapid cycles of implementation, feedback gathering, and tuning to produce delightful results. You will come face to face with all the nuances and complexities of asynchronous processing of payment transactions. No architectural decision will be made without your participation. Constant challenges will become an integral part of your working day and boring coding will remain a scary memory.

About you

  • You are adept at going from problem statements to solution design, and then breaking that high level design down into discrete segments of useful work.
  • You have a good instinctual feel for the complexity of a development problem, and can quickly determine which things will be risky/challenging and which should be straightforward.
  • Once you understand a system concept, you are able to identify the highest value area to work on next. You can work towards a desired end state and come up with your own tasks to achieve it along the way.
  • You have released and maintained consumer-facing things in the past; your history is not limited to internal business applications or implement-and-handoff contracting engagements.
  • You are a high output developer. You make rapid progress when building out systems.
  • You’re intelligent and learn quickly. Absolutely no one at Radix winds up only doing what’s in their job description, and adaptability is essential.

What do you need?

  • 5+ years as a professional software engineer
  • Fluent in C#
  • Comfortable at any place in the tech stack above the OS level
  • Familiarity with the current crypto ecosystem is a plus, but not required. When you’re here, you’ll learn a ton about it either way!

Who are we?

At RDX Works (formally Radix DLT), we're a team of like-minded thinkers who have long been convinced that we're living in the earliest stages of a global financial revolution. This revolution is being fuelled by decentralized finance (or DeFi for short), which is enabling an assortment of pioneering developers and entrepreneurs to re-invent almost every financial product that is currently traded and invested in traditional markets, without requiring central authorities or siloed infrastructure. DeFi has captured a great deal of attention and investment in the crypto-aware niche, growing assets under management to over $100 billion in the last year. Impressive as its growth has been, its current market size isn't even a rounding error on the over $111 trillion held in traditional finance. We're focused on what it will take to go from billions to trillions.

RDX went back to first principles to come up with the right technical solution—the first layer-one protocol built specifically for mainstream DeFi—and we have already tested out at over 1 million transactions per second. We're keenly aware that the need for an infinitely scalable platform is only one prerequisite among many for mass adoption, and we're also blazing new ground in the areas of purpose-built developer tools, user experiences, and regulatory integration.

We have forged a path deep into the future of what distributed ledger technology is going to look like and we need you to come and be part of the team that is making that happen right now.

If this job sounds like it was made for you, then please apply directly here or email james.smith@rdx.works for more information.

Alternatively, if you feel like you don’t match all of the requirements, we would love you to still apply anyway. We understand that confidence gaps and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting incredible candidates and we wouldn’t want this to prevent us from meeting you; especially as we are big advocates of helping people learn & grow.