Check out the radically better user experience, learn about the intuitive programming language Scrypto, and understand why only Radix is designed to provide a network built for unlimited growth*

How Radix Will Deliver a Radically Better User Experience

A wallet that our friends, family, and colleagues can confidently use without needing to blind sign, understand seed phrases, or how to add new assets. It just works.

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How Radix Will Deliver a Radically Better Execution Environment

Game engines like Unity and Unreal made the video game industry bigger than music, film, and TV combined.

The Radix Engine unlocks similar superpowers for the DeFi & Web3 industry.

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How Radix Will Deliver a Radically Better Consensus Layer

dApps must be able to scale to billions of users without getting more confusing and worse to use as they scale.

Cerberus is the only consensus algorithm with a proven design to deliver parallel execution while maintaining atomic composability.

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*Disclaimer: This presentation is given on behalf of the Directors of Radix Tokens (Jersey) Limited (RTJL). RTJL has funded the development of the Radix Ledger and associated technologies referred to as “Radix”, for example the Radix Ledger, Scrypto, the Radix Wallet etc. Radix Publishing Limited is responsible for the distribution of all technology published under the “Radix” banner. It chooses what to publish, how to publish it, under what terms and has full control over the validation of the technology. This presentation contains high level descriptions of the functionality of various pieces of technology yet to be launched. The information provided does not purport to be comprehensive, nor complete. This presentation contains forward-looking statements which are made on the basis of the presenter’s good faith belief at the date of this presentation, but should not be relied upon as representing the actual functionality or operation of the technology when it is launched. Any projections contained in this presentation are based on subjective assessments and assumptions and should not be relied upon as an accurate prediction of the future.