Building blocks, not smart contracts

Create fiat and asset-backed tokens on the world's fastest decentralized infrastructure. No complex smart contracts needed.
During the last test we peaked at
transactions per second

Why Radix?


Deliver uncompromising user experiences with the world’s fastest decentralized infrastructure.

Faster to market

Securely build, test and deploy in weeks not months. Get new products to your customers faster with the Radix AtomOS.

Price Predictable

Radix is the first ledger to offer cost predictable public infrastructure. Get certainty on your cost of deployment.

What is possible?

Global digital ownership; where data, money, and assets are part of the very fabric of the technology. A technology with which you can create, transfer and store assets and data that interoperate.

1. Create and Transfer Tokens

Build the next breakthrough decentralized application. Create your own asset or fiat backed tokens, fractionalize property, build a global IoT data layer or create a new lending platform; whatever you want to do, with Radix it’s easy to get started; we are completely API driven and there are no complex Smart Contracts to deal with.

Make faster payments with low and predictable fees; our system is built to support millions of concurrent users, with no bottlenecks or high gas fees. We’re already reaching transaction speeds that rival Visa and Alipay and dwarf the speeds of other current Blockchain platforms, and that is just our Alpha testnet.

2. Store Data

Our ledger is so much more than a secure decentralized database. Have complete control of your valuable data in an immutable system, where information is cryptographically hashed and easy to recover, only give access to those who need it, yet operate with global high availability from the start.

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Roadmap Timeline

The launch of the Radix network will be separated into three distinct phases; BetaNet Launch, Technical Go-Live, and Economic Go-Live. Check the Radix 2019 roadmap to know more about these stages.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3