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What is the Radvocate program?

One of the greatest assets Radix has is people like you who make up our passionate community.

We created the Radvocate program, and have already allocated 10 million Radix tokens to it, as a way to recognise and reward members of our community who consistently help drive the growth of the Radix ecosystem.

How to become a Radvocate?


The first step is to register for the program by clicking here.

Once you have signed up, you gain points by completing the challenges set by Radix. You can do as many of the challenges as you want to, and we aim to provide a wide range of activities to suit different members of our community. Each challenge awards a different number of points, depending on the complexity of the task. 

For more details go through the Radvocates Blog Post

The more challenges you complete, the faster you will climb up the Radvocate leaderboard. At the end of the first tranche of challenges, the top 100 Radvocates on the leaderboard will get a share of the 10M Radix tokens as a reward for their dedication and passion.  

Complete Challenges & Gain Points to receive corresponding XRD Rewards:
5,000 Points = 10,000 XRD
10,000 Points = 20,000 XRD
15,000 Points = 40,000 XRD
20,000 Points = 75,000 XRD
25,000 Points = 100,000 XRD


Create Articles about Radix
Points: 1000
Bonus: 2000 Points for 5

Create Videos about Radix
Points: 1000
Bonus: 2000 Points for 5

Create an Infographic
Points: 1000
Bonus: 2000 Points for 5

Organize a Meetup/Webinar
(Min 15 attendees)
Points: 5,000

Complete Radix DeFi Survey
Points: 250
Click to Complete

Complete Original Translation!
Points: 250

Create Radix DLT Wikipedia Page
Points: Variable

New Challenge!
Coming Soon

New Challenge!
Coming Soon


Radvocates Leaderboard is available here!
The leaderboard is updated every 2 weeks

The first 100 Radvocates will receive 10 million Radix tokens that will be distributed to them equally!

Join Radix Radvocates!


What do I need in order to participate?

Follow the Onboarding instructions sent through Email! You’ll only need a telegram handle (to submit tasks) in order to participate. In order to claim winnings, winners will have to undergo KYC. Contact @kalradix on Telegram for questions.

How long will this run for?

This will run for approximately 3 months. Top Radvocates will get chance to join even better programs in future.

I’m a Genesis member, what’s in it for me?

Genesis members are urged to increase their holdings by participating! Your opinion is extremely valuable, as you’ve been following the project for some time now! If you qualify for top-100 and become Radvocate you will also receive a one-time token bonus!

What’s the purpose of this program?

The primary goal is to build a loyal & active userbase of 500 of highly committed community members. A secondary goal is to get the community excited, active, and growing ahead of testnet launch later this year.

Is KYC required? What are the terms of this token grant?

a) 1% initially unlocked with 99% on price-based unlocking. See for details.

b) All the Radvocates will need to undergo the KYC (Know-your-customer) process before receiving the reward.

Which countries are not allowed to participate?

People located in the U.S., China, and Iran are unfortunately unable to participate. However, we will create different ways for people in these regions to get involved!

How will I know about new challenges?

We will periodically update new challenges and inform everyone through our website & socials! Check back often, as some tasks are time-sensitive.

How do I submit and track my contributions?

You will be provided with a submissions form upon joining Telegram. You can check rankings through leaderboard!