Radix is Proud to Announce the Successful Launch of Our Developer Alpha

June 28, 2018

On the 19th June, 120+ crypto developers, innovators,  and Radix enthusiasts gathered at the RocketSpace accelerator in London for the Alpha Launch where we released the Java Client Library, and the desktop/android wallets.

If you missed the launch, we’ve got you covered. Watch the entire replay here as it happened.

This offered an opportunity for our growing community to see the progress made by our hard working devs as well as get critical early feedback. So without any further ado, this is how it happened (in pictures): 

Why Decentralization Matters?

The CEO of Radix DLT, Piers Ridyard kicked it off with what is Radix, why decentralization matters and how we are different from other distributed ledgers.

Introducing the Desktop Wallet

Next up, lead developer of the Radix Desktop Wallet and the JavaScript Library, Edgars Nemse took to the stage revealing the alpha version, explaining how it functions and what it can do currently.

It was truly mesmerizing to watch the fruits of his labor on screen, fully functioning.  You can now connect to our testnet with the Radix Alpha Desktop Client over Mac, Windows or Linux. 

Introducing the Android Wallet

Continuing after Edgars, the lead developer of the Radix Android Wallet, Marc Rubio started off with the growing importance of mobile apps before finally revealing the long awaited Android App, how it functions and what it can do currently.

Marc has been continuously keeping up with the constant changes in our Java Library as it gets more stable. It was a challenge that he accepted and delivered on. Big round of digital applause to him!  

So if you fancy the same Radix Desktop Wallet and IM goodness in your pocket, download the alpha app for Android and connect to our test network from your mobile device. Fully decentralized and end-to-end encrypted with no central servers required. Woot!

Download it, test it,  break it. Feedback is welcome on our Discord channel here.

But what made the android app possible?

Introducing the Java Client Library.

The Java Client Library is powerful asynchronous library built on the principles of reactive programming that hooks in the Radix Core API. Developing it was no small task. Joshua Primero, the lead developer of this Java Library spent countless hours building it from scratch, making it ready for the distributed application stack. 

He takes the stage to explain why it is important to empower developers with the right tools to accelerate innovation and what is possible with the Java Library. He ends his presentation by inviting developers all over the world to the Radix Hackathon happening in Vilnius, Lithuania next month at Unconference 2018, an initiative by Pillar Project.

If you are a blockchain developer or want to learn how to become one, Radix invites you on behalf of Pillar Project to the Unconference 2018 happening next month from 15th July - 22nd July.

Register here for the Radix hackathon:

The Java Client Library is now officially open to contribute to and build simple decentralized applications on.

The Radix Security Model 

Finally that highly anticipated moment arrives, when the brains behind the Radix engine, our Founder & CTO, Dan Hughes takes to the stage explaining the Radix Core Security Model and how the Tempo consensus algorithm functions under the hood.

Dan has been waiting for this moment for 5 years. In crypto, its a lifetime. Hat’s off to him.

He goes on to explain the Logical Clocks and the Gossip protocol which underpins Tempo before opening the stage for questions from the audience.

Answering Key Questions!

The Radix dev team answers some key questions from the audience before closing.

Radix Launches Alpha!

And thus happened our successful alpha launch followed by food, beer and networking.

The Radix team would like to thank all of you who attended in-person and those who were watching online.  We appreciate your support.

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