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Instabridge Update

UPDATE @ 22:16 UTC, Sept 15th - Instabridge is now back online. If you had a pending transfer, there may be some delay before it is completed due to high demand

(now resolved) As a precaution, Instabridge is currently offline due to one of the data feeds to the service providing inaccurate information. All transactions currently in-flight have been paused, and all funds are safe while we investigate.

The team is working as a priority to resolve this and we will update when we have further information.

While Instabridge is offline, if you try to login to the service you will be redirected to this blog post. If you are waiting to transfer tokens, you can still use Bitfinex to swap eXRD to XRD.

Update: 20:13 UTC, Sept 15th

The issue has been identified by the data partner, and they are working on a solution on their side but have advised it will likely not be resolved before tomorrow.

Due to the inaccurate data, transfers were being flagged as over a users AML limit incorrectly. Our team is working on a solution for the pending transactions as the first priority. After which, we will begin looking at interim solutions for new transactions pending an update from the data partner tomorrow. 

This post was last updated at 22:21 UTC September 15th, 2021.

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