Power the Radix public network

On Radix, there is no mining. Instead, you earn tokens for doing useful work. It’s simple, fair and efficient.
During the last test we peaked at
transactions per second


A point and click client that runs on both consumer and commercial hardware. No complex setups and lengthy configuration required. You can even use your laptop or PC to validate transactions and earn Radix Tokens.


Radix is designed to be resistant to monopoly by mining pools and large mining corporations. Instead of a first to mine race, it ensures an equal distribution of rewards based on the work done by all nodes (whether big or small).


Radix is not a blockchain (or a DAG) and does not use Proof of Work (or Proof of Stake). The only work done on the network is useful; either executing network requests, or providing redundancy to ensure reliability and availability.

Radix is also massively sharded from the very start, chopping the work up into smaller bites and allowing computers both large and small to operate as full nodes.

All of this dramatically reduces the amount of electricity wastage, making it better for the planet as well.