What is the Radix Decentralized Debit Card?

We believe that one of the keys to unlocking mass market use cases for cryptocurrencies and crypto assets is making them as accessible as possible to everyday users.

To help with this we have created some extra features on our network to make that path to use even easier.

One of these is the Radix decentralized debit card. The Radix decentralized debit card turns any EMV card into a cryptocurrency wallet that will work with any point of sale terminal device, without using the Visa/MasterCard/Amex payment rails.

This allows customers to pay, and merchants to accept, digital currencies directly - keeping the familiar hardware (POS device + physical card) enabling a new world of potential applications.

We have already created a proof of concept that demonstrates a digital currency payment being made, over the Radix network, using an EMV card and a standard PoS device.

If you are interested in using the card in for an application you already have some ideas for, we would love to hear from you.