How is Radix different?

Radix offers a novel distributed ledger architecture for decentralized applications, that is sharded to scale in an efficient, unbounded linear fashion combined with a secure consensus algorithm called ‘Tempo’.

Radix scales linearly(and thus infinitely) as new nodes join the network using the theory of sharding, without compromising security. It enables resource-restricted devices to run a full Radix node on as little as 16MB of memory and a 100 Mhz processor. This enables inexpensive, scalable transactions at incredible speeds with near-instant finality.

Furthermore, Radix is also actively developing modules for:

  • Stable Value Tokens - to protect consumers and merchants from wild price swings
  • Scrypto - a Turing complete smart contract language similar to JavaScript
  • Decentralized debit cards with DLT payment rails that are compatible with existing merchant point-of-sale systems
  • Decentralised exchange for trustless trading of digital assets
  • Secure, peer-to-peer instant messaging and email communication clients
  • Goods and services marketplace
  • Appstore for decentralized applications built on the Radix Public Network