What features does Radix have?


Radix is a modular DLT platform with the consensus architecture as its core module. Network participants can support more modules to earn tokens proportional to work done for supporting them.

Limitless Scaling

Radix scales in an unbounded, linear fashion, where every new Node increases the overall throughput of the network. Limitless scalability means that each additional node added to the network increases the overall throughput capacity of the network. Increasing the amount of nodes have little to no detrimental effects on pre-existing Nodes and thus the scalability is deemed linear and unbounded.

Fast Transaction Finality

Transactions on the Radix Network confirm in 0.2 seconds and finalize in 5 seconds or less.

Near Zero Transaction Fees

Transaction fees on the Radix Public Network are projected to cost the equivalent of 1¢ or less.

Stable Native Tokens

The Radix Stable Token will be a low volatility cryptocurrency controlled by an algorithmic monetary supply policy of expanding and contracting coin supply. It is stabilized in a decentralized manner autonomously by the network itself.

Internet of Things Enabled

You can run a full Radix Client on as little as 16MB of memory and a 100 Mhz processor. Critically, this enables performance-constrained IoT devices to participate as first-class citizens in the distributed network.

Decentralized Debit Cards

The Radix ledger is built specifically for integrating with existing merchant Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions. Even better, anyone can create their own debit cards using $25 off-the-shelf hardware. Debit cards make it easy for consumers to spend cryptocurrencies and create cold-wallets.

Decentralized Asset Exchange

The Radix Public Network will allow trustless trading of digital assets to prevent counterparty risk and the security + reliability concerns suffered by centralized exchanges.

Scrypto - Smart Contract Language

Radix has its own scripting language: Scrypto. Based on JavaScript, it can already be developed using existing, popular developer tools and has its own debugger. More information will follow regarding the software development kit and the Radix API as we get closer to the launch.

Secure Instant Messaging

As part of its initial release, Radix will feature highly secure instant messaging client. This will provide a gateway to onboard early adopters of decentralized applications creating additional utility for the tokens.  

Decentralized App Store

The Radix Public Network will feature an app store similar to Google Play to distribute decentralized applications.


Radix relies on trustless collaboration. It distributes work between participating nodes according to their available resources. This promotes device inclusivity and allows Internet-of-Things (IoT) to also participate as first class citizens in the network.