How can I earn Radix tokens?

Once launched, you can earn Radix Tokens by running Radix Nodes on the public network. Participating Nodes receive a share of both fees paid by users of the network as well as a portion of new supply.

The network incentivizes participating Nodes by rewarding tokens in proportion to the amount of work done. In simple terms, the more transactions you process on the network, the more you are able to earn.

For the Radix Stable Value token, balance holders also share in new supply. Currently planned split is 50% to balance holders, 50% to network operators, but this split is not yet finalized.Note: When the demand is less than supply, the network burns tokens to stabilize the token price. It does not burn tokens from customer wallets. Instead other methods are used to burn and achieve price stability. Further details will be revealed in the economics white paper which is expected to be released soon.