Are all Tokens first class citizens on the Radix platform?

Yes - essentially this means you can pay the transaction fee with the token you are sending, e.g. “Coffee Token” rather than Rads.

This is to make sure that anyone who creates tokens on our system is not forced to also make sure their customers and coin holders must also use Rads if they want to use the system. This was specifically designed into the Radix protocol to make sure all tokens are first class citizens.

This does, however, rely on:

1. The Radix DEX (decentralized exchange) being live (white paper pending) - part of the Radix protocol.

2. That the token you want to pay the fee with, and Rads, have liquidity as a traded pair on the DEX.

Once those two facts are live; it is then possible for anyone pays the transaction fee with their own token as the tx fee will be converted to Rads on the DEX; allowing the node to confirm any token transaction and receive Rads, but the sender not requiring Rads to send their tokens.

However, if your Coffee Token is not popular enough to have a trading pair on the DEX, then you will still need to pay the TX fee in Rads.