Radix Technology

Learn the basics of how Radix works and why its a better alternative to current decentralized ledgers
During the last test we peaked at
transactions per second

Blockchain Don’t Scale

In the first video of this series watch Dan explain why blockchains don’t scale with his favorite whiteboard.

Directed Acyclic Graphs Don’t Scale Either

Moving on, Dan further explains why directed acyclic graphs don’t scale beyond a certain limit without centralization.

Enter Radix

After establishing why blockchains and DAGs don’t scale, Dan gives an overview of the basic components of the Radix ledger and how nodes in the network learn about new events.

Proof of Transaction

In this video Dan dives deep into how Radix uses Lamport Time Stamps (logical clocks) to create a relative order of events.

Preventing Nodes from Lying

Continuing from the last video, Dan explains the use of Merkle trees as fraud proofs that prevent nodes from lying about order of events.

Preventing Sybil and Eclipse Attacks

Learn how Radix prevents common attack vectors like sybil or eclipse attacks by using a novel method for creating node Identities.

Gossip Protocol

In the final video of this series learn how the Radix ledger propagates new events throughout the network as they happen.