Meet the team

Radix is a team of serial entrepreneurs, digital nomads and experienced software developers.

Prior to discovering Bitcoin in 2011, Dan helped develop the software required to securely deploy NFC based payments in mobile phones. He has previously built, run and exited 3 successful software startups.

Dan has spent the last 6 years building, testing and refining his own DLT protocols, creating Radix in the process.

Dan Hughes

Chief Technology Officer

A serial entrepreneur, Piers started in blockchain by experimenting with creating insurance smart contracts that could operate without the need for a carrier in early 2015.

Before taking the helm at Radix, he co-founded Surematics, a YCombinator S’17 company, helping to create the world’s first decentralised dataroom.

Piers Ridyard

Chief Executive Officer

Albert started his career with building algorithmic trading systems and leading product strategy for startups. In 2013 he discovered distributed ledger technology and started using Ethereum/NEM to build his projects. Before Radix, he was in the NEM Foundation’s founding team.

At Radix he oversees strategic product decisions, bridging the gap between business and technology.

Albert Castellana

Chief Product Officer

An expert in physics, cryptography and software development, Steve set up the first transatlantic private encrypted internet, helped develop SSLEAY, ported openSSL to run on mobile platforms using asynchronous sockets, and wrote the firmware for encrypted mesh routers for the ‘MoD.

He now develops and validates the security, logic and resilience of the Radix network and algorithms.

Stephen Thornton

Chief Scientist

As a former global program and partner manager at Startupbootcamp and Philips Healthworks, Sophie has extensive experience with taking tech startups to market whilst working with globally distributed teams, in a sustainable manner.

At Radix, with her excellent organizational skills, she complements the CEO in streamlining activities across all Radix departments and helps accelerate its go to market strategy.

Sophie Donkin

Chief of Staff

Prior to joining Radix, Leroy worked in Corporate Banking with technology and telecoms clients. Leroy has an Economics degree from the University of Manchester and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

At Radix he is leveraging his banking experience and accounting knowledge to set the financial strategic objectives for Radix’s next phase of growth.

Leroy Margolis

Head of Finance

Previously, Zalan helped companies like ST Ericsson create efficient mobile operating systems before contracting for Apple, solving hyper-scale deployment problems.

Zalan mined his first Ethers in 2015 and was immediately hooked. He now ensures the Radix developers are as effective as possible, allowing them to focus on taking Radix to the next level.

Zalán Blénnesy

VP of Engineering

Coding has been a part of Martin’s life since high school, back in the dark ages before Local Area Networks were even a thing. Before Radix he managed many teams of engineers and have been involved in all aspects of the software development life-cycle.

At Radix, he ensures the team lives agile principles and follows the processes.

Martin Sandiford

Scrum Master/Developer

An Android, iOS and Web developer with a masters in electronic engineering, Marc uses his diverse skillset to help inform the design and implementation of the first Radix powered mobile apps.

Marc has been involved in the community and all things decentralised since 2013, getting first hooked by Bitcoin, and later discovering Radix.

Marc Rubio


A software generalist and Java ninja, Josh has been tinkering across the software stack for the past 10 years. From writing GPU drivers for NVIDIA to developing full stack apps for numerous startups, he digs it all.

He now brings his engineering and execution expertise to Radix, helping to move the codebase from test to production.

Joshua Primero


Edgars quit studying AI at the University of Edinburgh to co-found Edurio, an ed-tech startup, attracting over $2m in funding, helping to build better tools for teachers and pupils.

After following the crypto scene since the early days of Bitcoin, he’s now at Radix looking to apply his wizardry across the full stack.

Edgars Nemše


A passionate software architect across the board, Florian has engineered diverse software projects ranging from indie-puzzle games to an award-winning machine learning framework.

After completing his military service as an OSINT researcher, he now designs and implements the Scrypto platform and language while assisting with making other aspects of Radix production-ready.

Florian Cäsar


László is a seasoned developer. Before Radix he helped companies build solutions like keyless hospitality services and IoT based smart homes.

He was introduced to bitcoin in early 2016 and has been spellbound ever since. He is putting his passion for programming and the Digital Ledger Technology to use here at Radix DLT.


László Urszuly


James is a full stack engineer and has been involved in software development and robotics from an early age. Before Radix he developed large scale IoT projects for real-time tracking of public transports.
His interest in the stock market brought him to crypto.
At Radix he is a DevOps engineer responsible for shipping working software reliably, repeatedly and consistently.

James Bednell

DevOps Engineer

Alex is a Swift Jedi with a passion for math and chess. He is an OSS author of differentiation and ECC libraries in Swift.

Before Radix, he developed an open source Swift SDK for Zilliqa (Zesame) and its first mobile wallet (Zhip). He was awarded MVP ambassador for Hedera Hashgraph, during Hedera18.

Alex Cyon


An engineer with a masters in I.T, Damián has mixed his passions for education, communication, and literature into the craft of technical writing.

With years of experience in the art of customer service, he now focuses on bringing the best documentation to Radix Knowledge Base, supporting our ever-growing developer community.

Damián Parrino

Technical Writer

Prior to Radix, Angad helped scale enterprise startups in San Francisco. A web-dev by profession and growth marketer by choice, he straddles both sides of the fence.

He got obsessed with decentralized societies and protocols after reading the bitcoin whitepaper. At Radix, he is responsible for nurturing the Radix developer community and digital marketing.

Angad Mutha

Head of Community

Laura is an experienced marketing expert who has previously worked in the music industry for 8 years launching major music releases and events, including London’s biggest electronic music festival South West Four.

She then moved into PR & Marketing within the Blockchain space, helping to steer promising startups through successful product launches. She joins Radix as PR & Communications Manager.

Laura Woods

PR and Marketing Manager