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At Radix we believe that our technology should help the world and that we measure our success by the human impact it has not the money it makes. We like to work together to solve big problems, asking the stupid questions and constantly testing our assumptions.
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Our Culture

  • We believe that our technology should help the world.
  • We believe in measuring our success by the human impact it has not the money it makes.
Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • We like working together to solve big problems.
  • We'd rather learn from our mistakes than never make a decision.
Treat Each Other
  • We like people that are honest and considerate.
  • We like people who have a sense of humour.
Behaviours We Celebrate
  • We celebrate exceptional individual performance that pushes the team forward.
  • We like feedback and people who are responsive to it, especially when that leads to an improvement.
Working Ethos
  • We like asking stupid questions and testing assumptions.
  • We believe in looking out for each other and working at a sustainable pace.

The Radix Model

We believe strongly in both the importance of team bonding and benefits of flexible/remote working.

For Radix, this means an initial period of onboarding with our CTO and UK team in Stoke, England for between 2 weeks to a month depending on the role. After this period, you may locate anywhere in the world you wish to be.

The Offer

All our salary packages are market competitive and have employee options, as well as the option to be paid in crypto.

We believe in finding, hiring, developing and compensating all our staff appropriately. You are part of this journey with us.

Open Positions

We currently have no open positions.

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