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The Radix Team have all come from various companies, backgrounds and experiences. From entrepreneurs to crypto-experts to start-up fanatics, our team is on a mission to change the world

Dan Hughes

CTO – Radix DLT Ltd

Dan founded Radix after developing and selling IP now found in key mobile NFC payment technology. He also designed and co-built T-Mobile’s 1st mobile internet platform.

Piers Ridyard

CEO – Radix DLT Ltd
Director – Radix Tokens (Jersey) Ltd

A Y Combinator Alumni, Piers joined Radix after exiting his previous company which built DLT based deal rooms for clearing syndicated insurance contracts.

Andrew Jarrett

Director – Radix Tokens (Jersey) Ltd

An experienced chartered director with an entrepreneurial approach to business. Founded a number of businesses in the areas of datacentres, big data, fintech and gambling, was instrumental in developing Jersey’s crypto currency legislation.

James Cunningham-Davis

Director – Radix Tokens (Jersey) Ltd

Legally qualified, involvement in digital enterprise – emoji, messagemates, prepaid cards, mobile games services. Founder of licensed, online gaming company, and developer of next generation gaming and blockchain platforms.

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Russell Harvey

CTO – Radix DLT Ltd

A veteran of Microsoft and Kaiser Permanente, Russ brings extensive experience with releasing complex products on schedule. Beset by an abiding need to make useful things, Russ distributed his first program at age 7 and hasn’t stopped shipping things since.

Adam Simmons

Head of Strategy – Radix DLT Ltd

A digital marketing expert, Adam previously built a video sharing platform to over 35 million Monthly Active Users and the VRA token community to over 250k people.

Alex Cyon

Developer – Radix DLT Ltd

Alex is a software developer with a passion for Swift, chess and cryptography. Involved with development of Radix Swift library, iOS wallet and Ledger hardware app.


Developer – Radix DLT Ltd

An ex-ConsenSys engineer, Alex is a coder & nerd at heart. When not programming, you may find him salsa dancing or playing old-school RPG's.

Jacob McAtamney

Social Media Manager – Radix DLT Ltd

Originally from Sydney, Jacob has spent the last 6 years helping UK businesses build their brand using Social Media. While his career started talking about the Land Rover Defender, Jacob has had a love for all things Crypto since 2016.

Josh Primero

Developer – Radix DLT Ltd

Josh proudly claims to writing a chess bot in college which beat the bot of Professor Danny Sleator. He now researches & develops code/theory around consensus at Radix

Leroy Margolis

Head of Finance – Radix DLT Ltd

With a background in banking with technology & telecoms clients, Leroy is leveraging his experience to set the financial strategic objectives for Radix’s next phase of growth

Lukasz Gasior

Developer – Radix DLT Ltd

Lukasz has formerly worked with IOHK and been on research teams within the Ethereum eco-system. He now works on Cerberus, our consensus mechanism.

Matthew Hine

Product – Radix DLT Ltd

Matthew has 15 years of systems engineering experience. He is now helping guide Radix’s strategic approaches to core technology & governance

Mikael Perttula

Head of Community – Radix DLT Ltd

Mikael was part of the original 2013 Bitcoin Meetup group in Finland, and has been passionate about crypto since. As Head of Community, he builds, grows, and helps manage the communities of Radix.

Raul Velaz Mayo

DevOps Lead – Radix DLT Ltd

Raul Velaz started his career as a software developer and then moved to the infrastructure and DevOps areas. During this time, he has worked in different industries, including education, e-commerce and blockchain. Before Radix, Raul was the Lead DevOps for ConsenSys Solutions. He has also been involved in blockchain projects for trade finance and commodity trading.

Ray Offiah

Technical Writer – Radix DLT Ltd

Ray has worked in the IT industry since Java was first released way back in 1996, dividing his career between software development and technical writing. Ray comes with a wealth of knowledge from his experience with companies such as Oracle, Hitachi and Honda.

Scott Barron

Content Manager – Radix DLT Ltd

An accomplished content creator, Scott leverages his experience of the military, education, blockchain and gaming sectors to develop rich resources for the Radix audience.

Sergiy Yevtushenko

Developer – Radix DLT Ltd

Sergiy is curious about everything related to computers at any level, from processes inside single transistor to global scale distributed systems.

Shambu Pujar

DevOps – Radix DLT Ltd

Shambu is a seasoned DevOps and IT practitioner. He is now putting his passion for programming & Infrastructure with code practices to use at Radix

Stacey Williams

Chief of Staff – Radix DLT Ltd

Hailing from NZ, Stacey has a strong background of Operations in tech startups. As Chief of Staff, she is working closely with Piers to steer the Radix ship

Theoklitos Christodolou

Developer – Radix DLT Ltd

Theo has worked in a variety of EU companies and has developed his very own smart contracts. He has an interest in Raspberry Pi projects and Dungeons and Dragons and brings his sense of adventure and testing expertise to Radix.

TransferWise is a multi-billion dollar company that fixes something that shouldn’t be broken. It exists because the banking system is not interconnected properly. Radix has the potential to radically change what is possible with money and finance.

I really like the people behind Radix, they are wonderful human beings, and very smart, so yes I keep an eye on them. I like to back people that are smart with high integrity.

I see the same revolutionary potential in the Radix team as I did with the Skype and Netscape teams at the birth of the internet. We’re excited to join them at the start of a new decentralised network revolution.

The Radix team has relentlessly pushed to deliver a high throughput layer 1 infrastructure without compromising on decentralisation and composability. We are proud to support them in opening new models and revolutionising finance.